YouTube’s latest update adds an interesting twist to the dynamic theme

From the creators of wallpaper-based themes, we bring you: thumbnail-based themes!

With Android 12, Google is banking on its new design language, Material You. And we’ve talked about it a lot: Several Google apps have been redesigned based on this one and one of its key elements / features, the dynamic theme, which grabs a color scheme from the wallpaper you take. use. YouTube has missed out on this type of overhaul to date, but in a recent update it incorporates a new design element which while not quite the same kind of dynamic theme as Material You, still pretty cool.

We call this a “thumbnail theme” – instead of taking the Material You approach of grabbing a color palette from your wallpaper, it takes its color from a video’s thumbnail, which ‘it then uses to color certain parts of the player’s user interface. It is very subtle – it actually took us a few minutes to notice the change. But it is there.

As some of you may have already noticed, yes, YouTube Music has had something similar for a long time: in YouTube Music, the “now playing” user interface gets its color from the cover art. album of a song. And Android itself is no stranger to this kind of theme either – Android Oreo actually introduced colorful notifications (which also grabbed a color scheme from a song’s album art and had it on. applied to notification controls of a music player) since 2017. Since Google kind of does this stuff on its entire interface now, it might as well adopt it on YouTube.

Since this is not a Material You related change, it is also unrelated to Monet’s theme system. This means that no matter if you are using Android 12 or a lower version of Android, you should still be able to see it – one of our tipsters managed to spot it on Android 11, and I’m getting it on an Android 10 device.

Make sure to update your YouTube app to see this change for yourself.

Thank you: Nick, Ibrahim

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