Watch Material You “in a more physical way” [Video]

Google Design today share a “collage of animated experiences inspired by #MaterialDesign” video, specifically Material You.

In less than two minutes, it is the culmination of works of art created by someform Studio that Google Design order and shared during the month of august. Meanwhile, Zelig Sound is responsible for the audio you hear behind the animated artwork.

We see common Material You elements recreated as 3D objects during this video reel. This includes the scallop analog clock, Google Keep’s clover-shaped quick snap widget, a calendar card, pill-shaped switches, and themed icons.

At 42 seconds, we see a version of YouTube Music‘s Turntable widget that turns into media controls for different screen sizes, including phones and tablets. If that sounds familiar, it’s from the first Material You Reel at I/O 2021. The Calculator app also gets the same treatment alongside a music player and what is clearly Google Calendar. This scene loosely replicates window resizing and apps scale accordingly, perhaps on Android tablets.

Another nice touch towards the end is a Pixel 6 next to an object that bounces like the clock on the lock screen when you absent-mindedly tap. There is also a reference to Roboto Flex which involves a chair.

This “development reel” isn’t particularly indicative of a future direction, but it’s still a fun video exploring Material You:

More material you:

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