VLC 3.4 brings improved audio player, bookmarks, easier integration

VLC is still one of the most popular media players even though many people now use music and video streaming services for their media needs. The latest update, version 3.4, adds several improvements to its user interface and brings a bookmark feature to facilitate access to your recorded media. You can now also use it to watch streams and network media without granting file permission. And if this is your first time using VLC, the onboarding process is now easier to understand.

The new VLC player has a bookmark feature so you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks right where you left off, especially if it is long content that you are watching or listening to. You can also now use VLC to play videos without having to grant it file permission, which is very useful for those who watch streams or network media. If you are using the audio player, you will notice that it has received a glow. The more modern design puts the content of your music at the forefront.

If this is your first time using VLC on your smartphone or on your TV, you will get a clearer workflow so that it is easier to understand how you can use it. You also get updated tips on how to use audio and video players showing recent interface changes. The Android Auto interface has also been improved. It should be easier to browse and play the audio in your library. Just make sure you are not driving when you are cruising,

They also mention several improvements in the changelog, such as finding media, playing streams or playlists, sharing additional media information, improving paging and synchronization. covers, as well as other unspecified performance enhancements. There is also an updated video list design which should make the video titles a bit more readable. And of course, there are “a lot of fixes and improvements” that have been made under the hood.

This is the fourth major update for VLC version 3. Now you can update your app to the latest version or if you are downloading it for the first time you should have an easier time understanding it.

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