VEVO music video network launches new application on FETCH TV

The world’s leading Vevo music video network today launched a new app experience for Fetch TV subscribers.

For the first time, Fetch customers can enjoy high-quality video clips from the Vevo catalog, including official releases, live performances and original content, on demand.

The demand for access to quality music videos corresponds to the shift of consumers towards streaming entertainment on connected televisions (CTV).

Vevo’s growing TV audience creates more meaningful opportunities for advertisers to connect with consumers, especially wire cutters and young people, who are increasingly difficult to reach through traditional TV.

“Vevo is dedicated to delivering our exclusive content package to Australian fans, and we are delighted to continue our CTV momentum with our new partner, Fetch, a leading platform that combines cutting edge user experience with premium content. “


noted Steve Sos, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Vevo.

“With Fetch, Vevo further expands its Australian presence, while ensuring a top-notch viewing experience on TV, the original and most impactful screen in the clip.”

Sam Room, Content and Commercial Manager, Fetch TV added:

“We are delighted to add Vevo to Fetch TV. Vevo provides access to a wide range of global music videos, original productions and live musical performances that will engage our viewers and expand our music offering on the Fetch platform ”,

Vevo is available on the Fetch Mini, Mini 4K and Mighty boxes.

Later this year, the app will also be accessible through Universal Voice Search, a new feature that allows users to search the entire Fetch content offering using a simple voice search.

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