UMG and MedRhythms Partner to Treat Neurological Disorders with “Prescription Music” –

Digital therapy company MedRhythms has developed cutting-edge technology that uses sensors, software, and music to help restore brain function in patients who have lost it due to neurological diseases. The cutting-edge company has now partnered with Universal Music Group (UMG), giving it access to perhaps the richest and most diverse music catalog in existence to further this treatment.

MedRhythms believes that music can have a profound impact and heal the brain by targeting specific neural pathways that help stimulate the brain’s plasticity or its adaptive capacity. With UMG in the fold, the company will now have access to a plethora of music across many genres and cultures, from Bob Marley to Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande to Andrea Bocelli, and beyond.

Through this unique partnership, MedRhythms will also have access to data and analytics to facilitate patient care and pursue its vision of a world where music literally heals. The treatment is FDA approved, which means the partnership is the first of its kind to provide prescription music to treat strokes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and more.

Brian Harris, Co-Founder and CEO of MedRhythms.

“The partnership with UMG is an important milestone for MedRhythms which will open countless doors to improve the quality of care we provide to patients,” said Brian Harris, CEO and co-founder of MedRhythms in a statement. “We are honored to collaborate with the world’s leaders in music entertainment and match this with our world-class scientific team to continue to push the boundaries of music and medicine while having a significant impact on the lives of patients who desperately in need of this care. This partnership will give us the opportunity to leverage patient favorite music to deliver the best clinical results and create a product that patients are excited to use. “

Learn more about the partnership here.

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