Troye Sivan presents a new song in the first trailer for “Three Months”

In the first trailer for Three months, Troye Sivan transforms the Australian pop star into Caleb, a South Florida teenager whose coming-of-age experience is turned upside down when he discovers he was exposed to HIV the day before he was due cross the stage at her high school graduation. The film arrives at Paramount+ on February 23.

The first look at Three months features a roster of characters who play a part in Caleb’s understanding of the world as he waits 90 days for a final test result that could completely change his future. Meanwhile, Sivan’s character unexpectedly falls into a romantic encounter he couldn’t have seen coming but nevertheless finds understanding and solace.

The universe built around this pivotal moment in Caleb’s life is punctuated in the trailer by a new song by Sivan who, playing this character for the duration of filming, managed to convey the magnitude emotions presented throughout the film in a snapshot of a musical moment.

“Accidental lover, what have you done with all my common sense?” he asks in a new original song from the film’s soundtrack. Soon he decides, “I’m tired of living like I’m dying / Now I can find the silver lining.”

The comedy-drama will feature two new songs from Sivan who shared his latest single “baby angelin September 2021. It also marks the singer and actor’s first official return to the film sector since 2018 erased boy, where it depicts a young man named Gary undergoing a gay conversion therapy evaluation program. Sivan recorded the original song “Revelation” for the film and received nominations for Best Original Song at the Satellite Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

The topical landscape of both films has long been a focal point for Sivan in service to both raising awareness and de-stigmatizing conversations around the realities of the LGBTQ+ community – one he has expressed through the cinema, music and activism.

“At its core, it’s a film about dismantling the shame around HIV and showing that it’s no longer a death sentence in our modern world with access to healthcare,” director Jared Frieder shared in a statement about Three months. “It’s about a child coming of age and realizing that the very things that make him different also make him indispensable and lovable. And perhaps more than anything, it’s about of what it is to wait.

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