Top 15 iPhone Shortcuts That Can Make Your Life Easier

  • The best iPhone shortcuts can help automate, simplify, and streamline using your phone with a single command.
  • You can execute most shortcuts by voice using Siri or add them as widgets to the home screen.
  • Here are 15 of the best shortcuts everyone should have installed on their iPhone.

Shortcuts are one of the most underrated features for the iPhone and iPad. Using the Shortcuts app, you can automate common tasks and daisy-chain apps to work with a single command. Some shortcuts are extremely useful and can come in handy several times a week. Others can improve and simplify the experience of using your phone, making you wonder why you didn’t start using the shortcut much sooner.

You can run shortcuts directly from the Shortcuts app, but it’s much more convenient to launch them by voice with Siri or by adding your favorite shortcuts as widgets to the iPhone home page. A few shortcuts are special cases and are best run from the Share page in the app where the shortcut is designed to work.

Whether you’ve been a longtime Shortcuts user or are just discovering this iOS feature now, here are 15 of the best iPhone Shortcuts everyone should have.

Live Photo to GIF

iPhone Live Photos are like magic; these are several seconds of video captured when you took the photo. But live photos are not so useful. Use Live Photo to GIF to save any Live Photo as, as the name suggests, an animated GIF that you can share in the usual way – in other words, it’s your own personal GIPHY creator.

Calculate the tip

Calculating the tip on a bill is always harder than it should be, especially if you’re in a rush at the end of the meal. After running this shortcut, you just need to enter the invoice and choose the interest rate you want, for example 12%, 15%, 18% or 20%. You’ll immediately see the tip amount and the final bill total, including the tip.

The Calculate Tip shortcut on iOS.

Tell the shortcut the bill and tip percentage, and it’ll quickly calculate how much to tip and the new total.

Dave Johnson/Insider


Ever since Apple integrated Shazam into iOS, it’s easy to find the name of the song playing around you. But Shazam++ goes one step further – this shortcut will use Shazam to identify the song, then present you with a menu of options that include sharing the song or playing it in your favorite music player such as Spotify or Apple Music.

The Shazam++ shortcut on iOS.

After finding the music you’re listening to, this Shazam shortcut can do a few handy things with the song, including sharing or playing it.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Read the whole album

Have you ever listened to a track in Apple Music and decided you’d like to hear the entire album that song is from? It’s not always easy to navigate to the album and start playing it, but this shortcut can do it with just a tap. Play Whole Album identifies the album and starts playing it from the first track.

Show clipboard

Sometimes it’s handy to see what’s on your iPhone’s clipboard without opening a document and pasting it to see what’s there. Use the Show Clipboard shortcut to see what’s been copied with a simple tap or voice command.

Home ETA

People are waiting for you at home, but you have been delayed at the office or stuck in traffic. Call the Home ETA shortcut to automatically send a text message to one or more people with the time Apple Maps estimates you’ll arrive home. You don’t need to launch Maps either – just run the shortcut and it does the rest.

Route to the next event

The Directions to Next Event shortcut simplifies the process of getting driving directions – just invoke this shortcut and it will grab the next event in your Calendar app and, if there’s a destination, open it in Apple Maps so you can start navigating there.

The Apple Maps app on iOS.

This shortcut can find your next destination in the Calendar app and automatically plot a route.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Make the Top 25 Playlist

The Make Top 25 Playlist shortcut does exactly what it promises. Start this shortcut and it will create a playlist in Apple Music with the 25 tracks you last played. Each time you run this shortcut, it will create a new playlist, so you can hear how your most-played tracks have changed over time.


CamelCamelCamel is a great price comparison site that can show you the price history of anything on Amazon, which can help you decide if it’s time to buy. For a faster way to check prices on CamelCamelCamel, install this shortcut, then go to Amazon in Safari. From any product page, start the CmlCmlCml shortcut from the Share page to see the results.

Send deferred text

You may not always want to send text messages as soon as you write them. Maybe it’s for a special occasion, or maybe you want to send it during the day. Whatever the reason, use Send Delayed Text to choose a recipient, compose a text message, and then choose the day and time to send the message.

Speed ​​Dial

The iPhone’s Phone app puts your favorite contacts at your fingertips, but you can make calls even faster with the Speed ​​Dial shortcut. Specify who you want to call the first time you run the shortcut, then call that person immediately each time you launch the shortcut.

The Speed ​​Dial shortcut as an iOS widget.

Turn the speed dial shortcut into a widget to call someone with just a touch from the home screen.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Safari Auto Scroll

Want to read a long webpage in Safari hands-free? Open the webpage you want to read, then run Safari Auto Scroll from Safari’s share page. You can choose the scrolling speed, then put the phone down while the page scrolls by itself, like your own teleprompter. To enable this shortcut, you will need to enable Allow scripts to run in the Settings page of the Shortcuts app.

call me back to work

Do you email yourself at work to remind yourself of important tasks? You can use the Remind me at work shortcut instead. When setting up the shortcut, enter your office address. Then, each time you run the shortcut, you can send yourself a note that won’t appear on your phone until you get to the office.

apple frames

If you need to take screenshots with your iPhone and wish there was an easy way to add an iPhone-like frame around the image, you’re in luck. Apple Frames is like your own graphic designer – just launch the shortcut and choose the screenshot. In a few moments, you will get a copy of the image enclosed in an iPhone frame that you can save or share.

The Apple Frames shortcut app on iOS.

The Apple Frames shortcut can take a screenshot and apply a realistic phone frame around it.

Dave Johnson/Insider

photo converter

Getting images in the right format is a constant annoyance. Photo Converter is a shortcut that can take any image from your photo library and convert it to PNG, JPG or HEIF as needed. After selecting the file format you need, save the image or share it in the usual way.

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