Tina Arena denounces the lack of support for the music industry during the pandemic

Tina’s Arena has targeted Australia’s lack of support for the entertainment industry amid tour cancellations throughout the pandemic, despite sporting events being allowed to take place.

Appearing on Studio 10 Friday to discuss the next The time of young talents 50th birthday special, Tina didn’t hesitate when Angela Bishop asked how she was handling the current lockdown.

“I really struggled and I’m comfortable saying it. I had a very difficult time, like a lot of people. I am deeply against being locked up – the injustice is too great, ”Arena began.

“I also hate the differentiation between sport and the arts in Australia. As an artistic community, we are now going to draw the line in the sand and say, “No more double standards now,” she continued.

“Sport is a good thing, but life is not just about sport, life is about art and culture… I would encourage the arts community to come forward, and I encourage everyone to come forward. world to start thinking straight now. “

Angela Bishop then commented that the entertainment industry had seen a major shutdown in the form of tours and festivals, “but never the soccer game.”

“It’s a blatant disrespect,” Arena said.

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“I’m sorry, it’s rude, disrespectful and shouldn’t be allowed to play at all. Never silence an artist – we play an important role in the social fabric of any country. It is freedom of speech, and I will fight for it until the day I die.

Bishop went on to point out that one of Tina’s recent live shows before the country’s second lockdown took place at the February 2020 Firefight charity concert for Australian bushfire victims.

“It seems people have forgotten the artistic community when they are in need, ”she suggested, to which Arena agreed.

“In the event of a problem, the artistic community has always rolled up its sleeves. We went there and did what we had to do. We’re very happy to play this role to help people – that’s what we do, ”Tina added.

“Now we have problems, can anyone help us?” No. It’s amazing how people fly away and disappear, yet they ask us very quickly to work for free, to forgo any form of remuneration on record sales.

She continued, “You know what? ENDED. We’re done, and now we’re saying it. Just stop this ridiculous and absurd behavior. It has to stop.

“Don’t cancel any of these tours, ladies and gentlemen, keep your tickets!” We have to work, the public needs a break, so the immediate future for us is that we will see you at work as soon as possible.

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