Those who have undergone religious conversion should be brought back to Hinduism: Tejasvi Surya

Karnataka BJP MP Tejasvi Surya said on Sunday that Muslims or Christians, who have undergone religious conversion, should be brought back into the fold of Hinduism. He added that all mutts and temples should have “annual goals” for completing these religious conversions.

“There are people who belonged to Hinduism but who converted to Islam or Christianity. It is our duty to bring these people back into the fold of Hinduism. In addition, Hindus in Pakistan who have been converted to Islam should be brought home, ”said BJP MP, who is also Yuva Morcha’s national president, at a farewell event for Sri Krishna. Mutt.

He added, “All mutts and temples should have annual targets to bring people back to the Hindu religion. For example, there were people who had to undergo a religious conversion because of Tipu Sultan. That is why it is important to bring these people back into the fold of Hinduism. This is the only way a rebirth can happen.

Surya’s statements come at a time when the state has witnessed massive protests against Karnataka’s Right to Religious Freedom Bill, 2021, commonly known as the Anti-Conversion Bill, which was passed in the assembly. The bill prohibits conversion from one religion to another by false declaration, force, fraud, seduction or marriage.

Surya added, “Our own brothers have converted from the Hindu religion which is tolerant, scientific, progressive and forward-looking. It is our responsibility to bring them back to their original faith.

During the anti-CAA protests, Surya had sparked controversy by claiming that only “uneducated, illiterate and perforating” protested against the law.

Further asserting that Hindus should enjoy political power as they enjoy the numerical majority, he added, “There were a lot of young Muslims who wanted to celebrate Tipu Jayanthi. Why did none of these people celebrate APJ Abdul Kalam’s birthday? Kalam had visited mutts and performed Hindu devotional music. It will be difficult for a true Muslim to accept.

Surya added that there was a time when people thought that repealing Section 370 and building Ram Mandir was impossible, but these are realities today.

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