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Music distribution, licensing and royalty collection

Spaceward Music Management is a leading management company that provides independent artists with distribution, licensing and royalty collection services. They can help musicians get their music onto some of the most extensive networks and streaming platforms in the world! It’s crucial not to miss out on potential revenue by not having the proper licensing and distribution of music. Spaceward Music Management helps artists get their music into the hands of sync licensing agents, music publishers and distributors. They also work with artists to collect royalties due to them on these placements.

Compared to other platforms, such as Distrokid, TuneCore, CDbaby, etc., Spaceward revolutionizes the way artists can place their music. Spaceward uses artificial intelligence, automation, as well as cutting-edge distribution technology, ensuring that artists’ music can reach all possible platforms, as well as expanding their view of the value of their music and helping them live of their creative abilities. What is unique about Spaceward is that they are sure to collect 100% of revenue streams as possible, further spreading your music to the world not only on apps but also on radios.

Compared to most distribution companies that only receive a limited amount of provided royalties, Spaceward accumulates each type of royalty, ensuring that each artist gets the revenue they’ve earned from the platforms their music has played on. been distributed. Spaceward enables artists around the world to collaborate with others, allowing musicians to expand their possibilities across many platforms. As Spaceward continues to grow, they are looking for more and more opportunities every day for independent artists around the world, growing every day. Spaceward’s goal is to provide all the necessary tools to help any artist succeed.

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