The Weeknd Releases ‘The Idol’ Trailer For HBO Max Series Starring Lily-Rose Depp In The Hollywood Music Industry

It promises to be “the most sordid love story in all of Hollywood,” filled with sex, cocaine, and scantily-clad revelers in darkened rooms.

During a Saturday night concert, The Weeknd premiered the trailer for his new show, The idol. Slated to air on HBO Max, the series follows the life of a pop star, played by Lily-Rose Depp, as she falls into a romantic relationship with a Los Angeles club owner and cult leader, played by the Weeknd himself.

Directed by Euphoria director Sam Levinson as well as rap icon, The idol will immerse viewers in what is teased as the alternately sexy and chaotic world of the modern music industry. The teaser quickly cuts between shots of champagne vaporizers, huge mansions and a sunglasses-clad Depp lounging on the Weeknd in a red leather convertible.

As the narrator, presumably leading a dance rehearsal, commands us to “lick, spank, drop,” the characters do just that, with a pair of frilly white underwear falling to the floor.

“Camera, money!” yells the instructor. Hundred dollar bills appear on screen, followed by a bong, a knife, and a cleverly lit grapefruit. Electronic music accompanies the trailer, a relentless flow of booze and doomed lust.

The idol The cast includes other big names, including Troye Sivan and Tunde Adebimpe. A six-episode miniseries, the show will bring the drugged underbelly of the music scene to our living rooms, albeit briefly. Although an official start date hasn’t been announced, the trailer, in red lettering, swears the show is “coming soon” – and with it, plenty of glamorous splendour.

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