The ten best songs from Bryant-Denny’s new playlist

Social media has exploded in recent weeks with calls for a change in music at the Alabama football stadium. If Saban wants an environment like the Florida Gators did a few weeks ago in the Swamp, the current playlist has to go.

In fact, it probably should have gone away a decade ago, since that was the last time most of the songs they played were popular.

Alabama DA Greg Byrne Faces Press To Change Alabama Football Playlist

Taio Cruz’s dynamite must go. He made his debut in 2009… the same year, Saban won his first championship with the Tide. He has since added five. The song is old and wasn’t exactly a hype song in 2009.

Wagon wheel? Must go. I understand that this might be Nick Saban’s favorite song, but it’s not the one to inflate. I guarantee Saban doesn’t even hear when he’s played.

We Will Rock You might have been a classic in the ’80s, but it’s not going to resonate with this generation.

Mr. Brightside? Just because everyone knows all the words doesn’t mean it’s a song meant to show off. It’s not.

Yes, Alabama football games are accessible to all ages. No, you’re never going to please everyone.

But, at least newer music would involve younger audiences. If you want a hostile home environment, you have to get the younger crowd excited. No amount of music is going to involve fans… veterans… anyway.

Aaron Suttles has the right idea on the matter.

In light of this, I interviewed some friends to determine the best songs on the new Bryant-Denny playlist.

  1. Back in Pooh Shiesty’s blood
  2. Here is Nelly’s boom
  3. Talk knife by 21 Savage
  4. Super Savage by Lil Reese
  5. Get lost by Eminem
  6. Black Sabbath’s Iron Man
  7. Put on by Jeezy
  8. The champion of Ghostface Killah
  9. If you want blood by AC / DC
  10. When the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin
  11. Where the devil does not stay by the truckers by car
  12. Rapp Snitch Knishes by MF Doom
  13. Clan in da Front by Wu-Tang Clan
  14. NY Mindset by Nas
  15. The Man in the Box by Alice in Chains
  16. Social distancing by Lil Baby
  17. Blinding Lights by The Weeknd
  18. Humble by Kenrick Lamar

Here Comes the Boom is perfect right after a big hit or sack. Lose Yourself, Put On and Where the Devil Don’t Stay are great pre-game songs. Le Champ is working for the start of the fourth quarter. Back in Blood, If You Want Blood and Knife Talk should be the third songs.

Let’s play Blinding Lights and coordinate the LED lights to the song. Play Kendrick Lamar’s Humble after the opposing team fails to convert a third or fourth down. 2015-2016 No Flex Zone and C-Murder were also great choices.

Keep the classics… We fought to get Dixieland Delight back. That and Sweet Home Alabama must stay. Heck, throw up a Garth Brooks song to keep the “blue hair” happy.

But when it comes to the hype songs, at this point everything is better than what they’re playing now.

Except Applebee’s Song (Fancy Like by Walker Hayes) … it wouldn’t be an improvement.

Ask the players. The fans are there to support them… ask them what motivates them before the game. I guarantee it will be better than what they currently have.

It looks like Greg Byrne has heard the complaints and will make a change. Hopefully this is a positive event that makes Bryant-Denny of Alabama Football the most intimidating venue in the country to play.

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