The Met Theater welcomes the music group My Hills

MORGANTOWN, WV — The Metropolitan Theater in Morgantown hosted the Mon Hills Music Group, headlined by Ducain, for its spring show Sunday night.

All artists are music industry students at West Virginia University. The Mon Hills Music Group serves as a collection of independent record labels and acts as the professional component of WVU’s Music Industry Program.

“We’ve had a lot of our artists put out a lot of projects this year, a bunch of CDs, EPs have come out this year. And so, we kind of wanted to put together, like, a big show, a project for all of our artists to kind of celebrate what we released with them and everyone who made the project possible,” Kirsten said. Edwards, live events manager of the music group My Hills.

My Hills Music Group was started about eight years ago and is run by the WVU Music Industry Program. Officials said the label is growing every year.

“Last semester we had about 60 members in one label, then at that time we had to create a whole other label to accommodate all interested students and treated the second label as a playground for students from music industry to see what they are interested in the music industry and kind of find a future career path for them,” said Tracy Dickerson, A&R Manager at My Hills Records.

The lineup included performances by Gonzalo, Emily Lehr, Anna Dunham, Grace Campbell and The Gym Sins. The Sunday night show featured a mix of many different genres for people’s enjoyment. These artists can be found on most online streaming services.

“The way we started signing artists was difficult. Uh, we had a contest a while back – it was basically a little “American Idol” – it was called Mountaineer Idol. And so, we started signing artists through that,” Edwards said. “Then we finally had people contacting us to try to get started and to get some promotional background to try to help them grow.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, officials at Mon Hills Music Group said they thrived even though live music was shut down. They said that for the band and the artists, it was a productive time to record music and release it to the public. The band also turned to live streaming shows for online audiences.

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