The man with the umbrella

Squid game

The man with the umbrella

Season 1

Episode 3

Editor’s Note

4 stars


93 percent. This is the percentage of players who have returned to the game. Despite the financial and personal struggles of the main characters we saw in “Hell”, the fact that many people have come back and seized the chance to die is notable. Now that everyone is back in the facility for good, the exhibit has melted and the games are the center of attention. However, I feel like players always make their “voluntary decision” to play with not enough information. Despite all the horror of the first round, this game can get a lot worse.

The episode begins where the last one left off: Detective Jun-ho sneaks into the car transporter and incapacitates a guard with a circle symbol on his mask, steals his uniform, plants his own ID card. police on him and throws his body into the sea. Before entering the game, Jun-ho sends a very casual note to his boss, as if he’s just calling rather than infiltrating a colossal operation where he could probably use reinforcements. Despite several close calls, Jun-ho manages not to get caught and determines the hierarchy of the guards: the circular guards are the lowest, followed by the triangles, and the square guards are the highest. He even grabs a square guard mask, so hopefully he can move around more freely.

Outside of interaction with players, the guards’ existence has a very high-tech prison feel, with scanned masks, light gray walls, and solitary confinement. They are so regulated. And there is the authoritative mandate to remain anonymous, sealed with a bullet in the head, as is the case with the square masked guard when his face is revealed. Finding out that there are humans behind the guards’ masks opens up a whole new field of questions about how the game is performed. Are the guards themselves prisoners? Are they paid? Were they recruited in the same way as the game? It’s a fascinating subject to theorize, but also a lot of traditions to integrate into nine episodes.

On the player side, Sae-byeok is the episode’s MVP. Between the Terminator’s ability to stay awake thanks to the reintroduction to store a knife and his vent recognition, Sae-byeok has a sense of what the next turn has in store. Since she’s from North Korea, she doesn’t recognize the game, but when Sang-woo identifies her, it must be a dalgona (honeycomb cookie) made from melted sugar, she follows it. to the easiest honeycomb (is the triangle the easiest, or is it the circle? I vote triangle). She really is the most efficient player this round, aside from the doctor (111) who gets a hint.

We also hang out with Han Mi-nyeo (212), the woman who claimed she has a child waiting to be named, but also voted to continue the game after finding out how much money was up for grabs. . She’s loud, abrasive, shameless, and swears a lot, so Sae-byeok and Deok-su consider her to be an ally. But she’s also smart. She knows she should have the strongest player (Deok-su) to protect her. She understands the hierarchy of guards and asks to speak to a masked guard about bathroom privileges. After promising information, she covers Sae-byeok in the air vents. The lighter she smuggles at first plays for a quick gag, but ends up helping her complete the Honeycomb Challenge and earn a spot on Deok-su’s team. Even though she’s the comedic relief, she’s good enough at strategy to stick around for a while.

Listen to me carefully: I see Sae-byeok and Mi-nyeo as two sides of the same coin. They both don’t care about anyone’s opinions and are good strategists. Mi-nyeo tries to woo people through over-familiarization (calling players “unnie” and “oppa”) and tries to use her allies to get what she wants. Sae-byeok plans to go on her own, because all she wants is to trust only herself. Mi-nyeo is the type to scream and scream until she gets what she wants, while Sae-byeok will sit and sneak past Mi-nyeo at the last minute (of course, they would be boring).

But the most complicated relationship is between the two players who knew each other before the game: Gi-hun and Sang-woo. From the moment they find themselves in the facility, they regroup and bring Ali (199) and the old man (001) into the group. However, they spend the downtime before the next game in a very different way. Gi-hun bonds with the old man, grows nostalgic for the fleeting moments of childhood, and praises Sang-woo as the town prodigy. But Sang-woo refuses to look back and instead focuses his energy on the game. He manages to get Sae-byeok to reveal his information and guess what the game is like right before he starts. However, he doesn’t tell Gi-hun or the rest of his team and lets them go blind. He begins to warn Gi-hun when he chooses the more complicated form but remains silent.

Sang-woo’s omission makes sense from a game point of view; ally or not, more players eliminated means more money for the winners. But he can’t look Gi-hun in the eye during the little betrayal and looks away in shame. It doesn’t sound like the disdainful look he has as Gi-hun wastes his time remembering their elementary school days. Sang-woo’s sense of superiority over Gi-hun becomes more evident in this episode. There is the moment when Gi-hun gives the team metaphorical roles based on military ranks – Ali as a new soldier, Sang-woo as a competent corporal, Gi-hun as a sergeant soon returned home. and the old man as a grand sergeant – Sang-woo’s frown during the speech says: Why do we do this, and why do you think you rank higher than me?

Korean society is largely hierarchical, with rank or status determined by age or seniority among peers. Gi-hun is Sang-woo’s hyung (older brother) due to his age, since he’s a year older, but Sang-woo despises him for his impulsiveness and stupid life decisions (which is fair) . While his relationship with his childhood friend is strained, Sang-woo seems more at ease with Ali, where he takes on the role of big brother and offers to help. He even corrects Ali when he calls him seonsaengnim (선생님), where the suffix -nim is a term used at a higher rank than the speaker, such as an expert in a certain field (a rudimentary translation of a Korean social term charge). While Netflix translates Sang-woo’s rebuttal to “I’m not your mister,” a more accurate translation would have been “I’m not your boss.” (There is a whole discussion about Twitter and Tik Tok on the accuracy of the English subtitles, if you want to check that out).

As Sang-woo bonded more with Ali, Gi-hun grew closer to the old man. They share childhood memories and Gi-hun makes sure he participates in group discussions. While Gi-hun has been portrayed as a pathetic character so far, his kindness now shines through in his treatment of Player 001. This episode shows the compassionate side of Gi-hun that was brought up earlier with the tip he was giving. gave the cashier and the dinner he shared with a stray cat. So when he becomes the holder “The Umbrella Man”, holding the most complicated honeycomb pattern, we also feel his panic and we feel his joy when he succeeds. It goes beyond the fact that he’s the main character; we can start to root it.

• The blood that runs down the slide after the execution of the first eliminated player – so horrible and so good.

• Gi-hun said to the old man: “I have to leave thanks to you, then I came back thanks to you. You can’t die first, ”which sounds like a foreshadowing.

• I was pretty sure Mi-nyeo was lying about the child she hadn’t had a chance to name, but with her comment “I’d rather give birth to a baby” in the stall, l story can be legitimate.

• The classical music played in the establishment follows a pattern: the revival fanfare is Haydn’s “Trumpet Concerto in E flat major”, then Strauss’s “The Blue Danube” waltz is played when it is time for a concert. new part of the game.

• My mother calls Gi-hun “Mr. Ding Dong”, and I want to steal him, but for the sake of continuity, I will stay with Gi-hun.

• Gi-hun children’s games lists: ddjaki, abanggu, hopscotch, biseokchigi, tag, don katsu, Freeze tag, gonggi, rubber bands, Cat’s cradle. I’m currently thinking about how they can make hopscotch deadly.

• At one point, players were implanted with chips for high tech counting purposes. It can also help with surveillance, but this technology is not used when they are actually in the facility, which makes me think that all of the departure and return routine has already been used in the game. Also, the Front Man ordering to keep an eye out for players who did not return; they may be on the roster for another game.

• Would you survive this game? I have already seen the honeycomb game in an episode of Perform the BTS, so I would know how to lick it. Also I would choose the star, because I am me. This is the only round where I am confident.

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