The best waterproof gadgets and items for the beach or pool

Get ready for pool and beach fun with essential waterproof accessories
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Taking personal belongings to the seaside and keeping them dry is a challenge we have all faced at some point in our lives. Whether it’s tech gadgets, bags, or shoes, you need to make sure that any items you take to the beach or pool are waterproof. If you’re wondering how to do this, take a look at our list.

From waterproof action cameras to inflatable floats, our list will make your experience in the water safe, memorable and fun. Take a dip in a pool or swim in the sea with these super cool tech devices and chic items. Get them delivered the next day with Amazon Prime.

1. PROGRACE Children Kids Waterproof Camera

The PROGRACE Waterproof HD Digital Video Action Camera is a great way to capture your kids’ underwater antics. Give this camera to your children and keep them entertained with its features. The camera comes with facial recognition, time lapse photos, and a 4x zoom option. The waterproof function of the camera allows you to comfortably shoot videos 100 feet underwater.

2. Poolmaster portable floating waterproof multi-light speaker

We have been taught in science that water is a good conductor of sound. Take your pool party to the next level with this Poolmaster waterproof portable floating speaker. This wireless bluetooth speaker features a multi-light display and is ideal for listening to your favorite tunes and even answering calls while swimming or floating. All you have to do is pair your speakerphone to your phone and keep your phone 60 feet away. You can submerge the speaker in up to three feet of water for an hour. From a single charge, the speaker battery lasts 10 hours.

3. Microfiber beach towel, absorbent beach blanket

Use these soft, lightweight, suede-like microfiber beach towels to dry off quickly after a dip in the water. They measure 30 x 60 inches and are large enough to be used on beach sand. These stylish beach towels come in nine original designs and effectively absorb water. The sand does not stick to the towel and is also easy to wash off. Each cover comes with a free universal waterproof phone case that keeps water or sand out of your device.

4. Floating food table for polar whales

Float this Polar Food Table in your pool and eat your way while gently swaying with the waves of the water. This is a premium black and red foam floating refreshment and snack table. It comes with three convenient compartments for snacks and four cup holders. The floating food table is made of dense and durable lightweight foam, with a top layer of solid black textured foam for added protection. This dining table is sure to impress all your guests at your next poolside party.

5. FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player

Immerse yourself in music underwater without headphones. Wear this FINIS Duo Underwater Bone Conduction MP3 Player and listen to high quality audio of your favorite songs while swimming. It’s comfortable to wear because the device’s built-in clip design secures it to the straps of your glasses and sits on the cheekbones of your face. The MP3 player can store up to 1000 songs and has a battery that lasts up to seven hours.

6. Water shoes for the pool and the beach

Look trendy and cool with these super comfortable, quick-drying shoes designed to be worn on the beach and in the pool. They are made from high quality materials and are lightweight, flexible and durable. The sole has holes to evacuate water and offers better moisture absorption, deodorization and breathability.

7. Waterproof drawstring bag

Store all your belongings in this waterproof unisex drawstring bag, available in over 14 different colors and patterns. Take it to the beach, pool or in the rain, and don’t be afraid if the bag gets splashed with water. The bag is made of a double layer of water resistant fabric that protects all contents from moisture. You can easily store your towels, cell phones, laptops, books and more. It comes with wide adjustable and space-saving shoulder straps.

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