The 5 best portable record players

There is something special about listening to music on vinyl, but it’s even better when you can share it with friends. This is why portable record players, which can be used just about anywhere, have become so popular. The best portable record players have a case design, built-in speakers, and at least two speed settings, so you can listen to your records wherever you are.

For a record player to be truly portable, it has to have a briefcase style design. This allows you to easily store the player and lock the case, which helps prevent damage while you are on the move. You’ll also want your turntable to be lightweight and have a handle, so you can easily carry it anywhere you go.

Built-in speakers are also a must-have, as external speakers can be tricky to take with you. If you care a lot about sound quality, look for built-in speakers with stereo sound capabilities, as modern discs are often stereo. Some portable record players also have headphone and speaker jacks, which are a great option for listening at home.

Since there are different types of recordings, you’ll also want to choose a drive with multiple speed settings. Most players support speeds of at least 33-rpm and 45-rpm, which are required to play the most popular vinyl, such as 12 inch discs and 7 inch singles. Many drives also support the speed of 78 RPM, although this may not be essential depending on your collection as it is only used for versions prior to 1960. vintage records.

Finally, to get the best sound from your vinyl, you not only need a good record player, but good record maintenance as well. Whether you keep your vinyl in record sleeves or proudly display your records, tools like cleaning brushes can help keep them in good condition.

Play your favorite albums and singles wherever there’s an outlet with picks from this list of the best portable record players on Amazon.

1. Editor’s choice

This portable record player has a vintage style and case design with a secure lock and handle, so you can feel comfortable carrying it anywhere. It has three speed settings – 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm – so you can play all types of discs, even those made before 1960. The two built-in speakers on the front box can play in stereo or you can use the headphone or RCA jacks to listen to music on your own devices. Don’t have all of your favorite vinyl albums yet? You can also use this option to play digital music directly from your phone, using the bluetooth receiver. At 5.5 pounds, it’s light enough for easy transport.

Editor’s Note: “I have had my Crosley Cruiser for almost 8 years and it still performs as well as when I bought it. I love that it gives me the ability to listen to my vinyl collection outdoors, and it’s super easy to set up and use. “- Carina Finn

2. The bestseller with thousands of fans on Amazon

A bestseller on Amazon with over 35,000 five-star ratings, this Victrola portable record player is a great choice for novice collectors and casual enthusiasts. It costs less than $ 60 and has all three speed settings, so you can play any disc you come across. The two built-in speakers can play both vinyl and Bluetooth streaming music, and although they are not stereo, you can use the RCA jack to play stereo sound through your own speakers. This player is available in a wide range of fun color options, from white and black velvet to tie-dye and turquoise. It has a locking style and a carry handle, and at 2.69 pounds, it’s the lightest option on this list.

One fan praised: The cutest record player EVER! […] I can play it regularly for nice sound or plug in my separately purchased speakers and vibrate while I clean. I like its lightness and its size so practical for traveling that it’s like a mini suitcase. I haven’t had any issues and love it more since the day I got it.

3. The improved Crosley Voyager

A step up from the classic Crosley Cruiser, the Crosley Voyager portable record player is larger and has a larger built-in stereo speaker that spans almost the entire front end. Like the Crosley Cruiser, it has three speed settings and a built-in Bluetooth receiver, so you can not only play any type of vinyl, but also digital music. If you want more powerful sound, it’s easy to plug this record player into your home stereo system with the RCA jack on the back or, for personal listening, you can plug your headphones into the jack on the top. The casing of this 5.5-pound record player has locks on both sides of the top for a secure closure, and it’s available in a variety of colors, including sage, floral, and stonewashed blue.

One fan praised: “If you’re new to vinyl and looking for a simple, easy-to-carry record player, this is a great choice. Originally ordered the color Dune, but exchanged it for black. It’s super easy to set up and use, and sounds great. I recently started collecting records in antique stores and ordered another turntable without speakers. This has the built-in speakers and is Bluetooth compatible. It closes and stores well too, which helps keep it protected. Overall excellent purchase.

4. The retro multimedia center

If you have a large collection of music in a variety of formats, you will love this multimedia record player. It not only plays discs in all three speed settings, but it can also play CDs, AM / FM radio, and digital music through Bluetooth connection. This record player can also help you preserve your collection as it can record music from vinyl records and convert them to digital MP3 format. With so many great features bundled into one device, it’s no surprise that it’s a bit less portable than the other picks on this list, as it doesn’t have a handle or locking closure, and is far the heaviest option at 8.65 pounds. However, the top closes and it has built-in stereo speakers, so you can still store it away and play it away from home without much hassle.

One fan praised: “After reading reviews of about 10 different record players, I was afraid I would make the wrong decision. I really believe I made the right choice! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this reader! It has a great retro vibe, looks pretty solid, and sounds exactly as I expected! It’s loud enough for a room, the speakers sound okay, so I spin my records every afternoon! The price was manageable, and I think it’s totally worth the price. I highly recommend!”

5. The economical suitcase record player

This vinyl record player is a great choice for anyone just starting out with a vinyl collection, as it costs less than $ 50. It has a classic case design with a lock and a handle, and it has two built-in speakers with stereo capabilities, so you can listen to all your favorite records as they’re meant to be played. In addition to a volume control knob, audio jack and headphone jack, this record player also has an auto-stop control switch, so it will turn off when recording is over. ended. More than just functional, it’s also stylish with a faux leather exterior that comes in a few different colors, and it weighs just 5.46 pounds.

One fan praised: “Great for the price. Very good sound and very easy to use. Can connect to larger [speaker] for even bigger sound! To like.”

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