Ted Nugent reacts to Joan Jett’s response to his review: “You make great music but you’re not in the top 100 guitarists”

Ted Nugent reacts to Joan Jett's response to his criticism:

Rock musicians Ted Nugent and Joan Jett exchange words again after, earlier this year, Ted Nugent targeted a 12-year-old List of “100 Greatest Guitarists” which was created by rolling stone magazine. Nugent made it clear that he was not a fan of some of the guitarists who made the list, as well as the fact that there were guitarists he felt deserved to be on the list but didn’t appear. not. One of the guitarists he specifically called out was Joan Jett (of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts). He claimed that one would have had to be “a soulless, soulless asshole” to include him on the list. Later, Jett fired back saying he shouldn’t have been included on the list either. She further stated, “He’s not a badass. He plays tough guy, but he’s the guy who shits his pants – literally – so he didn’t have to go into the military.

Add more fuel to the fire, as intended based on its previous controversial remarks, Nugent responded to Jett by calling her “dumb” and denying that he dodged the Vietnam War draft. According to Blabbermouth, in a YouTube live stream, Nugent said, “All I’ve expressed in an interview on WRIF is how much I love Joan and her killer rock band. She has a great rock band. Great songs. Maybe the best garage band ever, except maybe Green Day. But she can’t be in the list of top 100 guitarists […].” He went even further and said, “Maybe the plastic went into his brain. I do not know. I didn’t think she was that stupid. I never said how stupid she was. I didn’t think she been stupid; now we to know how stupid she is. The entire Nugent live stream is available below.


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