Take or not credit for summer fun?

In summer, when it is sunny and warm, everyone wants to have a good rest and afford a little more than everyday. Unfortunately, if you are from wage to wage, you are unlikely to fully enjoy the summer because it simply won’t be enough.

At times like these, you often think of fast loans



On the one hand, this seems like a very logical and profitable deal because you will get the money now when you need it for the summer, but give it back later when the weather is cold and the fun is gone, but it is not as easy as it might seem at first. . However, loans carry a great deal of responsibility and overdue loans can cause serious financial problems.

How, then, should summer sponsorships take a quick credit or not?

summer loan

To understand why borrowing for summer fun is not a good decision, you need to think about loans and their need in general. It is advisable to take loans only in two cases – when it is an emergency or when the loan serves as an investment. An urgent need may be, for example, emergency repairs, medical services, or basic daily expenses when all the money is spent prematurely.

In such situations, fast credit may be the only salvation to solve serious problems and is therefore acceptable


The other case where credit serves as an investment is when you need money for education, getting started or sponsoring a very good deal. Then the loan will pay off in the long run and you will not lose.

Unfortunately, a lot of people take out loans, not for the purposes mentioned above, but for a specific lifestyle that they can’t really afford. Taking a loan for entertainment is a typical example.

You have to understand that if you can never afford to spend money on entertainment, you will not be able to afford the loan either. If you live from pay to pay, you either don’t or don’t want to save money.

After you take out a loan, you will have to do this because you will have to find the money to pay off the loan, but it will most likely fail.

Many people think that repaying a loan will be easier than accumulating, because then there will simply be no choice, but the opposite is true – saving is motivated because you will get something for it, but the loan has to be repaid for what you have already received. , there’s really no motivation to save. You will just be in debt and you will have to pay for a loan extension or penalty interest. Huge sums will be wasted for free and the debt recovery process will begin.

It’s definitely not worth the fun


Of course, there may be exceptions. For example, for those with a seasonal job who receive much less money in the summer than in the winter months, credit may be acceptable. This does not mean that credit is desirable, but then at least when the credit is due, there will be a bit more money.

It should be noted, however, that even in such a situation it is much wiser to save money for summer fun already in the previous year, so that you do not have to borrow any money. It is much safer to always spend your money than strangers, even if you have a good chance of paying back the loan.

In short, credit is not really about entertainment and raising your standard of living


The credit is not an additional income, but a loan that will also have to be repaid, with an overpayment. For entertainment, you can spend the money left over after you have covered your mandatory payments. If nothing is left over, you simply cannot afford entertainment either with or without credit.

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