Student blog: Music, my best friend

around 2007: just proof that I listen to music

Just two years ago, I was in college with college life on the horizon and a tight-knit group of friends. Fast forward to this point, and I’m 19 and trying to figure out what life means while also experiencing the college lifestyle that I’m supposed to be living. Thanks to Covid-19, my mind got confused and I essentially “declared bankruptcy” (a tribute to Office) to rejuvenate myself in an unorthodox way. Currently, the courses I take are not overwhelming, my job allows me to nurture my youth while I can still enjoy it (mostly flexible schedule), and my family always lets me live under their roof. There has also been an abundance of nuisances that I could get into but I’m not Roger ebert go on and criticize my life, since we do it collectively independently. However, one of the main aggravating factors tends to be my dissatisfaction with people I meet or know. I guess that sounds a bit too much, but I can’t lie with what I’m faced with the most in my life. But, with all of that in mind, the only thing that keeps changing but stays the same without my will is the music.

By music I mean playlists, songs on TikTok that I quickly become obsessed with, or random songs I hear on the radio (bless the internet, seriously). The relationship between music and me is unmatched loyalty. Since I was a fetus, all these instruments and voices that rub shoulders in perfect harmony bounce off the walls of the many apartments that I have lived. So, being exposed to so many musical genres allows a child to learn to identify with this world or to cultivate a taste for a certain art form that develops into a time marker to reflect on. In my case, I’m very creative (I’m just stating a fact, I’m not bragging) and so when I listen to 70s soul, Ennio Morricone’s music for a movie, or a new sub -gender influenced by social networks called “internetcore” or “glitchcore”, I transcend myself into a wonderful temporary panacea for my life at that time.

Music is your number one empathizer. Each genre, song and lyrics represent different people to me that I can rely on for comfort or just to escape boredom. Especially since I associate a large part of my musical erudition with the classics of the education of my parents and grandparents as well as with the new music with which I grew up, you are exposed to a whole universe of magic that can really cheer you up anytime. It is also something that is close to my heart since I have sung throughout my life and I always look beyond what the music makes me feel, such as analyzing the instruments used or how the harmonies were built. to make a fabulous syncope, and blah-blah-BLAH. I’m not going to bore you with this since I’m not a music teacher. But, I revel in the fact that music can only become an act of leisure in a long encyclopedia of rhythms that I must observe and then learn. This flexibility that music as a whole can offer, is more than anyone could ever ask for, I mean you even have a huge catalog of songs in every possible language at the touch of your fingers. Music can serve as a segway to bond with new friends and learn something new that can benefit you in ways you might never have imagined. So you also have an element of surprise hovering in the air when you listen to that radio station that you haven’t listened to in months.

The final thought that I’m going to share is how certain songs stand out and help you identify that The 1975 go back to the Tumblr days or in that first Justin bieber era, and just that quick transport of nostalgia that makes life truly worth living. What I mean by that is the fact that music always promises a desirable feeling without you even asking. It has this inexplicable effect. Honestly, this surge of endorphins is no joke. Phew! It’s phenomenal that learning that new snippet you’ve never heard of in your life and then trying to name it on Google can transform your personality as well. Music has the attribute of making you feel brave, confident and jubilant, and it does wonders when you need it most. A situation like this would be when you finally leave a group of friends who were constantly pulling you down with them, so a certain album like Hot pink by Doja Cat is the piece of music that helped me overcome this unnecessary annoyance in the prime of my childhood. Music allowed me to find who I wanted to be and not worry about anyone else. I still often like to hear and understand what I was feeling.

To top it off, I’ll leave you with that remark. Whether you haven’t found your audience yet or walked out of this ethics course with this professor lecturing ad nauseam you can put on those tangled headphones and tune in to that groovy Stevie Wonder or childhood classic of the 2000s High School Musical 2 over and over again, this may be your last and only resort, and that’s fine. Friends and family can’t always be there or allow you to relax, which is good. We are all connected through the constant streaming of music. I mean seriously, there are 365 million a month Spotify listeners. Foolish! So, I urge you to keep swinging in the best possible way, because music is indeed our best friend.

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