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It’s been all Kanye, all the way over the past few weeks as the world has watched a career unfold in real time. West is known for his unfiltered takes on pop culture and politics, often jumping into controversy. He made outlandish claims about slavery, Harriet Tubman, Black Lives Matter, silenced white men and the Jewish community.

While most of his comments were quashed due to mental health issues, when West tripled down on his anti-Semitic remarks, companies began cutting ties with the megastar.

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The Gap and Adidas have ended their partnership with Ye, and a production company has shelved a documentary about the rapper. He was fired from Instagram and Twitter before participating in several incendiary interviews where he spoke about his controversies. His influence in the fashion world is also in question, as Balenciaga and Vogue have sworn not to work with him either – and to top it off, he was also let go by his agency, CAA.

The backlash continues to unfold as Marks turn their backs on West left and right, and there’s another one who’s reportedly decided to do the same. Now, STEM and KANO have reportedly revealed that they, too, are ending their relationship with West.

“STEM was created and owned by KANO, the Educational Computing Company,” a statement read. “We removed Kanye’s music from our platform and declined his $10 million to buy our technology.”

They continued, “Instead, your money will go to a company that is focused on empowering artists and the artist in everyone. Power based on truth and unity – not lies and hate. A portion of the proceeds from the new STEM devices will go to the ADL and the NAACP.

It’s yet another devastating blow for the rapper as he released the famous 2 on a STEM player. Although not a decision widely accepted by the public, the publicity has reportedly earned the company millions of dollars.

See the statement below.

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