Squid Game Musical Parody Stars Rami Malek and Pete Davidson

Yesterday evening Saturday Night Live we saw Rami malek, costs No time to die success, performing in several live skits and a previously recorded piece alongside Pierre Davidson. In what first appears to be a music video for a country song about two unlucky men, quickly changes course when the Breakdown Men tell us they must have joined the Squid game. The song then takes us through Davidson and Malek’s experience as they face off in deadly competition.

The pair start in the bunks area, are assigned their numbers, and comment on the pink uniforms of the guards and the senior overseer looks like Doctor Doom. They meet new friends who are quickly eliminated in a recreation of the dalgona cookie challenge in which participants have to carve a shape into their cookie and if the cookie cracks, they are eliminated by a guard.

The biggest piece of the parody music video is based on the anxiety-provoking red light and green light game from the first episode of the hit Netflix series. In the competition, the contestants must reach the finish line before the time runs out, but must be careful not to stop when the giant robot girl says “red light” or they will be shot on the spot. In the skit, we see Malek and Davidson, moving slowly and continuing their song during the green light portions, then stopping very suddenly when the red light is announced as the robot girl slaughters those around them who are showing signs. of movement.


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The next segment answers a burning question many have been asking since watching. Squid game and that is, how much is 45 million Wan to USD? Malek’s character sings “45 million wan is a lot of money.” At least I think it is, I’m confused by the currency “because her phone shows her the conversion is only $ 47.89.

Finally, we see Malek jump into the glass bridge game and say hello to Davidson, who happily pushes Malek to his doom. A victorious Davidson sings that he killed all his friends in the Squid game and now we see him back in his hometown, with a new hairstyle, living his best life. That is, until he gets bored and takes his winnings to bet on the New York Jets. Football fans will know this is one of the worst things anyone can do and now Davidson is back in the game. Squid game and immediately eliminated.

Better luck next time, guys. Watch the full clip below, and be sure to check out the rest of SNL’s Collider coverage hosted by Rami Malek last night.

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