Spotify showing wrong metadata on car stereo via bluetooth? This is a known issue under investigation.


Spotify is one of the world’s most popular audio and media streaming services, used by millions of users. Gradually it gained popularity, due to its quality services, a wide range of songs and podcasts.

You can listen to any song or podcast you want, anywhere over the network, create your own playlist or choose from the best genres, and much more.

Spotify supports different devices running Android, iOS, or Windows, so it’s a dynamic music player. However, some users have experienced issues while using the service in their car or watch via Bluetooth.

Well, being software, bugs can pop up a lot and Spotify is no exception. Recently, some users reported that while playing songs or using the Spotify client on their car stereo via bluetooth, they encountered a bug in the metadata.

Metadata is basically the description of the audio you are listening to, it includes information like song name, artist, genre, etc. And the problem is with that metadata that doesn’t change when users switch tracks.

On the other hand, while changing the music track, the application is stuck on displaying the information of the previous track, rather than modifying it. While the following audio plays perfectly.

When I use the Spotify client in the car with a bluetooth connection to the car stereo, updating the track information on the car screen stops when I press the change lane buttons. (Next track for example) Although I don’t change the track, the update is fine, but after that it stops working. (The display will still show the current track’s title, artist, and album, and that display won’t change.) My current client version is, but when I upgraded to the previous version , the display deteriorated, before that it worked fine.

This feature works well with other playback programs eg Rocket player, Youtube. – Source

This same problem also seems to bother watch users. Or more specifically, a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 user also reported that the current track is not updating when jumping forward. There may be other watch users facing the issue as well, but we have yet to come across any other reports.

These bad Spotify metadata on the car stereo doesn’t seem like a big deal, sometimes it can be misleading and confuse users. Affected by this bug, several users reported on the community section of Spotify and requested a fix as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the bad metadata bug has been addressed by the relevant team and they are investigating. In addition, he also promised to fix the problem very soon.

Spotify-bad-metadata-car radio

These kinds of problems are not meant to happen often. But that’s not something to fear either. As a regular user, if that same bad metadata bug on Spotify bothers you on your car stereo or watch as well, let us know in the comments below.

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