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Singer Gavvy Cheeka Prepares To Dominate Indian Music Industry With His “Future Beats” Label

Posted on October 21, 2021

The ever-growing popularity of YouTube is nothing new. After all, it has impacted today’s generation that many of the biggest stars owe their careers to him. In recent times, it has become common to see many talented and creative professionals come out and show their potential on the video platform. One of the budding names in the Indian music industry, Gavvy Cheeka has made his breakthrough in the music world. Hailing from Mohali, he is originally known as Shubham Garg.

Prior to making his mark as a singer, Gavvy produced various singles and originals under his music label “Future Beats”. It is a joint venture with his partner David Singh. The label started with humble beginnings and turned out to be the next big thing in the Punjabi music industry. Gavvy once stated that she took out loans from sites like GreenDayOnline to clear their debts. When it comes to musical hits, the record company has a few tracks that have surpassed one million views. These music videos are namely “Rang Kala”, “You Know”, “Nowadays” and “Shaq”, which performed exceptionally well on YouTube.

To launch his singing career, Gavvy Cheeka is strengthening his presence on various music streaming platforms. With a verified profile on Spotify, the singer has two songs under his name – “Truthfull” and “Down To Up”. After the release of these two tracks, the talented singer is looking forward to releasing his new songs soon. Asked about his choice of music, Gavvy replied, “I’m a huge fan of catchy acts. I’m currently working on a quirky and catchy song. If all goes well, I will release it soon under our music label.

Apart from that, “Future Beats” aims to collaborate with new age artists to raise the bar for Punjabi music globally. A huge music fan, Gavvy believes that the journey of a singer is a learning experience. “Music has evolved so much in recent years. I feel like I’m a lifelong student in the music scene because there is so much to explore. My end goal is to sing songs that not only restrain in the Indian region, but impact beyond borders. And for the same, nothing better to showcase singing talent on YouTube, “revealed Gavvy

In addition to being a singer and producer, Shubham Garg owns a media company called VK Media. It is a 360-degree company offering an ocean of services including public relations, artist management, music distribution, digital marketing and digital content management. Through his media company, Gavvy Cheeka hopes to bring “Future Beats” to the international level.


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