Shepparton-based music streaming service expands to PNG

The best streaming service in the Pacific Islands mJams, run from Shepparton, is expected to expand its services to Papua New Guinea next year.

The streaming platform, similar to Spotify, currently operates in Solomon Islands and Tonga.

They cater exclusively to listeners from the Pacific Islands with over 350 artists from the region as well.

These artists can not only promote their music on mJams, but also receive royalties from listeners playing their music.

In Papua New Guinea, mJams will be the country’s first online music streaming service.

As part of the new venture in Papua New Guinea, mJams has partnered with PNG Central Music Association Inc (CMA) to also bring the country’s archived music to a digital platform.

“Much of their music is still on tapes,” said business development director Aaron Egan.

“We have basic machines to convert cassettes to MP3, and download all album art and additional information.

“It allows new artists to listen and mix. “

Mr Egan said the expansion to Papua New Guinea was part of a phased plan to become a streaming service for all of the Pacific Islands.

“The whole of the Pacific is our plan and we are not far from it,” he said.

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