Pink Floyd Announces 2018 Animals Remaster For September 2022 Release

Pink Floyd Announces 2018 Animals Remaster For September 2022 Release

After the long-awaited hiatus on this studio album, Pink Floyd announces the remaster of 1977’s Animals Due in September! Specifically, this album will be released on September 16 of this year via Sony.

“The selling point of this release is an all-new mix of ‘Animals’, reworked in 5.1 stereo by legendary sound engineer James Guthrie. On the Blu-Ray and DVD releases, this will be paired with the original 1977 mix. also features new artwork by Aubrey “Po” Powell, who was a partner of original cover artist Storm Thorgerson as a member of the London-based collective Hipgnosis.NME)

In terms of the cover, Pink Floyde explained that the noticed version will build a larger narrative behind the concept of this album. Being as iconic an artistic creation as it is, the image is used to reflect the constant change taking place in the world. “Because the cover of the original 1977 album was such an iconic standalone piece of art, I had the chance to update it, which was a rather daunting task, but Hipgnosis took the opportunity to rephotograph the image to reflect a changing world, and using modern coloring techniques, I have retained Pink Floyd’s rather somber message of moral decadence using Orwellian themes of animals, the ‘Algie’ pig, true to the message of Pink Floyd. album.(NME)

Take a look at the full full coverage below!

Some insider info regarding the album that’s out now: Plans to release it previously were canceled due to a liner note rewrite disagreement between guitarist David GiImour and ex-bassist Roger Waters! “”[Gilmour] does not dispute the veracity of the story described in Mark’s notes,” Waters said, “but he wants this story kept secret.” (NME)

Without further ado, let’s all wait patiently for this new hot release that will finally be released globally in September! Check out our previous article regarding Pink Floyde’s latest activities.


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