Our picks for the best ringtones for iOS and Android

Each smartphone comes with a list of built-in ringtones and alert sounds. But after a while, as you hear these sounds everywhere, they can get boring and confusing. Was that your phone ringing or the guy behind you was in line at the grocery store? This is one of the reasons you might want to make your own ringtones.

But hey, what if you just wanted a new ringtone without having to do the job? No problem. We have put together a collection of top rated ready-made ringtones and creation tools for iPhone and Android devices. These should help you start putting in some nice pieces and changing them out whenever you want.

Ringtones and music sounds

This collection of free ringtones and alert sounds is sure to breathe new life into your Android phone. Use them to set a sound as default or contact ringtone, SMS message, notification melody or alarm sound. Everything is perfectly legal – no copyright issues. The sounds and tones used in the Free Music Ringtones app are licensed under the Creative Commons, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0, Public Domain Mark 1.0 License, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, and Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. Generic.


Old telephone ringtones

Many smartphone users today probably don’t even know what an old phone ringtone looked like. Old Telephone Ringtones app with free retro ringtones fixes this with the best old classic ringtones for your device. Old rings may be old fashioned, but they are trendy. Offering nostalgia for the sounds of old office and home phones, these vintage sounds will help you remember or familiarize yourself with the good old days. Download free classic ringtones to search among various retro phone ringtones and alarm sounds to personalize your contacts ringtones, alarm sounds or SMS sounds. All sounds are licensed under the Creative Commons and / or public domain license.


Birdsong: Ringtones

Application of bird song ringtones.

Bird Songs is a free ringtone app for your phone. Get acquainted with different bird calls from all over the world and use your favorites as ringtones for WhatsApp, Messenger, Line or Viber. Choose a ringtone, notification or alarm sound from over 160 high quality bird sounds – from nightingale to rooster – and many other singing or funny bird sounds for free on your phone or tablet. The built-in search option makes it easy to select and remove any bird.


Ringtones for iPhone! (music)

Ringtones for iPhone application.

Never pay for ringtones for your iPhone, as this app touts its unlimited choices of free tones. Ringtones for iPhone app allows you to convert music and record tones with your device’s microphone, and it also provides a huge library of built-in tones. One design module can convert all iTunes MP3 and AAC music to ringtones. A recorder lets you record vocals as ringing tones, allowing easy adjustment of start and end markers, fade-in and fade-out options, pitch and volume variations, and tones cutting and cutting. You can share anything you create on social media. The app also comes with unique wallpapers for your viewing pleasure. The service offers new ringtones every week, in addition to wallpaper and stickers. The first three days are free, but thereafter the app costs $ 8 per month or $ 35 per year. It may be worth it for high volume users.


Ringtones for iPhone: RingTune

RingTune app.

The RingTune app allows you to fully personalize your phone by choosing or creating your own unique ringtone and adding live wallpaper to your lock screen. The app’s ringtone catalog offers an easy-to-use live wallpaper and ringtone maker, modern iPhone support for iPhone 6S and newer, content updates and holiday content refresh . Browse thousands of new and popular ringtones for iPhone or create unlimited number of ringtones using songs from your library.


Cool ringtones: ringtone maker

Cool ringtones: Ringtone Maker app.

Are you looking for fun sound effects, classic ringtones and special tunes for the holidays? Cool Ringtones app allows you to find and set your phone ringtones, text tones, email alerts, wake up alerts, voicemail alerts, tweet tones and reminder alerts . The app makes it easy to create unlimited ringtones, or you can use its ringtones collection to personalize your sounds. The app allows you to create ringtones from your favorite songs and custom melody collections, with height and volume adjustment. The app also adds new melodies and sounds with its frequent updates.


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