NFT Music Streaming Player: the very first on the market

NFT music lover? So here’s something you might be interested in. Now there is an NFT music streaming player.

YellowHeart is a Web3 marketplace for music. Ticketing and memberships. The site accepts crypto and credit card payments. In 2021, YellowHeart released the first ever NFT album and tickets with Kings of Leon. Since then, the company has worked with Maroon 5, Julian Lennon, ZHU, and Jerry Garcia, among others.


Now, the platform has introduced the first-ever NFT music streaming player. The hope is that this will lead to mass adoption of the new music format.

Many artists have already released NFT tracks. In this way, he puts almost all the profits back in their pockets. However, some fans are skeptical about NFT music. This is because they cannot stream consecutive NFT songs and albums. But, on services like Spotify and Apple Music, they can do so seamlessly.

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Level playing field

By launching an NFT music streaming player, YellowHeart says they are trying to up the playing field. With it, fans can stream all their NFT tracks in one player. This is opposed to opening separate songs in an app.

Josh Katz is the founder and CEO of YellowHeart. “When I started working on YellowHeart before the pandemic, as we were building our product on the backend, my primary focus was to educate artists and industry leaders on how NFT music could be transformative for the largest space. Since we made major strides in 2021 and released the first major NFT album and tickets, one of the biggest bottlenecks we’ve faced is making NFT content easily digestible for viewers. fans. The introduction of a Web3 compatible streaming player into the space puts an end to this roadblock. Our hope is that it will continue to drive mass adoption so that we are able to marry the best of old and new music formats with NFTs.

If fans embrace this new streaming service, artists will have an easier time connecting fans to all the other benefits programmed into NFT music that they can’t get on the platforms. This includes concert tickets, vinyl records and merchandise.

NFT Music: Streaming

The new NFT streaming product is designed to drive mass adoption of the NFT music format.

Yellowheart says platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music give artists around 0.003 to 0.005 cents per stream. But, YellowHeart’s NFT streaming player gives artists most of the benefit.

They also say the reader can expand beyond music into television and film content.

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