NFT Beat Redefines the Music Industry Using the Revolutionary Power of Blockchain

A whole new way for music lovers to support their favorite artists

SINGAPORE, January 2, 2022 / – The NFT Beat is the new decentralized, community-driven NFT marketplace for music artists that can change the way music enthusiasts interact with music and their favorite artists. Scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2022, NFT beat is revolutionizing the music industry using the power of blockchain technology. On January 26, 2022, NFT Beat is holding a presale at 6 p.m. UTC with the soft cap of 250 Binance Coin and the hard cap of 500 Binance Coin.

“We are excited to launch the NFT beat in 2022. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that gives artists more autonomy over their creations and gives them the potential to significantly increase their income. Said Paul Chen, co-founder of NFT Beat. “The platform enables music artists to digitally connect, invest and trade NFTs for their creations on a blockchain-based tokenomics platform,” added Paul.

In NFT Beat, artists will have the opportunity to build a fan base, share their work in progress and publish their compositions. They will have the ability to create, grow and monetize without leaving the platform or signing a recording contract. “We take 6% of every trade of which 3% is NFT Beat’s profit, and 2% is redirected to the holders proportionately, and the rest is burned,” Paul added of NFT Beat’s operating model.

The team behind this one-of-a-kind revolutionary model are highly skilled and have extensive experience in blockchain technology and business development. “We are a three person team based in Asia, and we decided to take on this project because we saw the huge untapped potential of the music industry. Said, Paul.

The NFT Beat uses a native $ Beat token to facilitate transactions. Users can buy, sell, auction any NFT on the platform through the blockchain. “We are offering an 8% reward on every buy / sell transaction on Binance before the launch of the NFT market. ” He added.

The rewards system will be phased out once the NFT market is launched. The part of the profits generated by the platform will be distributed to the holders, quarterly, on a pro rata basis.

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