(News Focus) New girl groups set to heat up the music market in 2022

SEOUL, Jan. 12 (Yonhap) – Only less than two weeks have passed since the start of the New Year, but the K-pop scene is already busy with news of rookie groups that are gaining worldwide attention or gearing up for their official debut.

One of the most popular is Ive, the band managed by Starship Entertainment which debuted on December 1 with the single “Eleven”.

The group is made up of six members, including Yujin and Wonyoung of IZ * ONE, the now disbanded popular project group formed through the local cable TV channel Mnet’s “Produce 48” audition show.

“Eleven” has since won wins on weekly TV music shows and has been featured on music charts around the world, including Billboard, Spotify and QQ Music in China.

After setting a record for most first week first album sales by any K-pop girl group, Ive’s debut single of the same name had sold over 260,000 copies by the end of December, according to Gaon local music tracker data. .

Closely following in Ive’s footsteps, Kep1er, a girl group made up of the nine finalists on Mnet’s audition show “Girls Planet 999”, which aired from August through October last year.

The multinational group of members from South Korea, China and Japan debuted on January 3 with their debut EP “First Impact” and broke Ive’s first week album sales record. .

The album sold over 200,000 copies in the first week of release with just over 150,000 copies sold on release day, according to local album sales tracker Hanteo Chart.

The song also topped the iTunes charts in 11 countries around the world, including Japan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

SM Entertainment’s latest girl group, aespa, and High Up Entertainment’s STAYC, both of which debuted in November 2020, are also garnering immense global attention.

aespa instantly became a celebrity thanks to her unique concept involving a universe based on a metaverse and members experiencing the new world with their avatars.

The quartet, in just over a year, took the K-pop industry by storm with three successive hits – the singles “Black Mamba”, “Next Level” and their debut EP “Savage”, and won a grand prize and a best rookie award at the national year-end music awards ceremonies.

STAYC was the only K-pop group chosen from among five notable artists for 2022 by global music platform Apple Music and music discovery app Shazam earlier this month.

The six-piece group established themselves last year as one of the leading fourth-generation idol groups with their single “ASAP”, followed by another popular release, “Stereotype”. He shared the rookie award with aespa at the annual Golden Disc Awards held in Seoul last week.

With SM taking the upper hand with aespa in the competition against the big K-pop labels, other companies – JYP, YG and Hybe – are preparing to enter the race with new faces.

JYP Entertainment, behind such popular girl groups as Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE and ITZY, has announced plans to unveil a new group next month.

The seven-member group, whose name is not yet known, expanded their fandom, posting videos of the members singing and dancing and throwing a surprise live concert in the street on their YouTube channel “JYPn”.

ADOR, a new independent label under Hybe, is preparing to launch a new girl group this year.

Hybe said last November that the girl group would be made up of members recruited from Hybe’s “Plus Global Audition” program in 2019 and would be produced by Min Hee-jin, who was Creative Director and a member of the board. of SM Entertainment before joining Hybe in 2019.

YG Entertainment is also planning to unveil their first girl group since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016. However, nothing is known about the group, including their debut schedule and number of members. There are rumors that Baby Monster could be the name of the new group, as the trademark of the name was recently registered by YG with the Korea Intellectual Property Office.

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