New discovery app showcases Bristol’s best bars, restaurants and live music venues

A new Bristol discovery app lets users experience the city in a way they’ve never been able to do before.

Mottli, which has just opened in Bristol, tailors your tastes and preferences, tailoring the experiences suggested.

Created by a team with decades of experience like Spotify, Sony Music Entertainment and Monzo, Mottli is a fun and easy way to experience the city around you, helping you find places to eat, drink and experience that match. at your time. in real time.

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Mottli’s goal is to reduce the stress of exploring new cities and the ones we live in, by using context-sensitive personalization technology, which uses a mix of AI (artificial intelligence) and UX (user experience).

The result is an app that shows users the destinations where they can eat, drink and experience concerts and events, which are fully tailored to their personal tastes.

The more regularly the app is used, the more tailor-made the experience becomes, meaning that users can discover something new and relevant around every corner, no matter how much they feel like they know their stuff. city.

Mottli is the brainchild of founder Louis Napoletani, who created the concept of technology after taking on a familiar challenge that almost anyone can relate to.

“Mottli was born out of a very real problem that I encounter on a regular basis,” said Louis.

“I was going to new towns and places I had been to before, and I would find myself stuck on what to do and where to go. I would waste a lot of time going through an overwhelming number of sources trying to find a place that matched what I wanted to do at the time, never really finding what I was looking for.

Louis says he made the decision to use Bristol as the app’s proving ground for a multitude of reasons, including having moved to town.

“I have had a little affinity with Bristol since I started coming here a few years ago. It was always welcoming and exciting and for me it felt like home, so I moved two years ago and that’s what it is now – home.

“Bristol has a rich diversity with an open minded attitude and this has resulted in a brilliant melting pot of places to explore in terms of food and drink and beyond.

“There is usually always something to do and Bristol is a good-sized city, not too big to engulf you in an abyss of disconnection, but not too small to lose your attention.

“There is a good sense of community and the excitement of the opportunities bubbling below that makes you feel like anything can happen! I felt like this was the right place to launch Mottli.

“We want to make exploring the world easy, fun and frictionless, and we are delighted to start right here in Bristol.”

Mottli is available for download on Apple and Android. You can find out more and download the app from the Mottli website.

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