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Best new features of Android 13

Google’s next major update to the Android operating system for smartphones — Android 13 — rolled out a few weeks ago. Among the main features is a function that allows you to control your connected smart devices directly from your lock screen, without having to unlock your phone. The next time you want to dim your lights, start your washing machine, or change your thermostat temperature, you can do it faster and easier.

In this article: Google Pixel 6 Pro, Google Nest Hub (second generation) and Google Nest Learning Thermostat.

How to set up lock screen control?

This feature isn’t enabled by default, so you’ll need to dive into your settings to enable it.

  • FirstAccess your settings by swiping down twice on your screen, then tapping the icon that looks like a cog.
  • Secondlyscroll down to the display section of your settings.
  • Thirdly, in the display settings there is a section called “lock screen”. Access this.
  • To finishenable the “control from locked device” setting.

However, enabling this setting is only half the battle. In order for your phone running Android 13 to be able to control connected devices, you need to go to the settings of your devices to be controlled and enable the ability to control them in this way. Each device has a different parameter structure, so there is no general guide for this. But, if you browse their settings long enough, you will eventually find it.

What else is new in Android 13?

There are many updates in Android 13, but some of the best are:

  • Cross-application customization: Non-Google apps may automatically match your phone’s theme and colors.
  • Multilingual: You can choose the language used per app rather than being stuck with just one on your phone.
  • Update media player: The visuals of your music and podcasts will be more true to form depending on what you’re listening to.
  • Updated Bedtime mode: Several updates have been made to Bedtime Mode, including the ability to trigger Dark Mode and wallpaper dimming based on time of day.
  • Enhanced security: Security has improved in several ways, such as being able to share only specific photos with apps rather than your entire library and automatically clearing your clipboard if it contains sensitive information.
  • Improved connectivity: Android phones and tablets and Chromebook laptops now have a suite of enhanced connectivity features that make switching between devices easier.

Which is the best Google Pixel to buy?

Google Pixel 6 Pro

This is Google’s current flagship phone, packed with all the best tech like fast charging and over 24 hours of battery life. It also has the largest 6.7-inch 4K 120Hz display.

Sold by Amazon

Best Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 6 only takes a small step back from the 6 Pro. It has the same fast-charging and long-lasting battery, but with a smaller 6.4-inch, 90-hertz HD display.

Sold by Amazon

Best Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a

The Google Pixel 6 is another step up, with a smaller 6.1-inch, 60-hertz HD display. It also lacks support for wireless charging and isn’t as water resistant.

Sold by Amazon

Best Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5 has both better and worse specs than the 6a. Screen-wise, it’s almost identical to a 6-inch HD screen, although it has a 90 hertz refresh rate. On the battery side, it doesn’t last as long, but it does support wireless charging and can use its power to charge other devices.

Sold by Amazon

Best Google Pixel 5a

Google Pixel 5a

Again, with the Google Pixel 5a, the specs are better and worse than the 5. The screen is bigger at 6.34 inches and its display is slightly higher quality, but it doesn’t have the refresh rate of 90 hertz. Its battery lasts longer, but it cannot wirelessly charge or charge other devices.

Sold by Amazon

Best Google Pixel 4a with 5G

Google Pixel 4a with 5G

The Google Pixel 4a with 5G is the oldest current Pixel model that can still take advantage of today’s best data speeds, 5G. It has a 6.2-inch HD screen but its battery is the weakest and shortest yet, and it doesn’t have wireless charging.

Sold by Amazon

Best Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a

If you don’t need the fastest data speeds, then the 4a is your best bet. It has a 5.8-inch HD screen with a solid camera and a battery that can charge quickly.

Sold by Amazon

Best Google Pixel 4XL

Google Pixel 4XL

If you don’t need the fastest data speeds but still want the best possible specs, consider the 4 XL. It has a larger 6.3-inch screen with quality between HD and 4K and a refresh rate of 90 hertz. It also has a better battery with wireless charging capability.

Sold by Amazon

Best Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 is the oldest model still supported by Google. Its specs aren’t good enough for more than basic calls, texts and web browsing, but it’s also virtually free compared to most modern smartphones. If you only want the essentials, it’s hard to do better.

Sold by Amazon

What is the best Google smart home device to buy?

Best second-gen Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub (second generation)

This is the ultimate Google-based smart home hub. It can play music, show you images from your doorbell, play videos from streaming services, and can even make video calls.

Sold by Home Depot and Kohls

Best Google Nest Audio

Google NestAudio

This powerful speaker is designed for music lovers. With Android 13, you can control volume, skip songs, and browse your podcasts. It’s available in five colors so it can blend in or become your new centerpiece.

Sold by Home Depot, Kohls and Staples

Best second-gen Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini (second generation)

This is primarily intended to act as an auxiliary speaker away from your main rooms, such as a bedroom or bathroom. However, it is still able to produce high quality music and easily control all your smart devices.

Sold by Home deposit

Best Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

This thermostat goes beyond the simple ability to change the temperature of your rooms by voice. It learns what temperatures you prefer and when you prefer them so it can automatically adjust, both for comfort and to maximize energy conservation.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best Google Nest Doorbell

Google Nest Doorbell

Doorbell cameras have become practically a requirement nowadays. Google’s version lets you easily access the stream anywhere, anytime, and it has backup protocols if your Wi-Fi goes down. It comes in battery-powered and hard-wired forms.

Sold by Amazon, Dell, Home Depot, Kohls and Staples

Best Google Chromecast with Google TV

Google Chromecast with Google TV

With all the streaming services available right now, it can be hard to keep up. This Chromecast puts them all under one controllable roof and also lets you manipulate other aspects of your TV, such as power and volume.

Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Kohl’s

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