Nest Hub and Nest Max now accept Spanish commands and display interfaces

For those of us who are just learning Spanish, those who are trying to perfect our second language, or for those who speak it first, Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max now support Spanish in a more meaningful way. Previously, you could use Google Translate to convert a sentence, but now all UI text will have the option of being displayed in Spanish!

If you want to switch your Hub to Spanish as your primary language display option, just visit the Languages ​​section of your Google Assistant option in the Google Home app. Soon after you swapped it out there, you will see your device convert everything magically after a short server-side refresh. No more having to use your Hub in English!


¡Ahora todo se muestra en español¡

Even more exciting is the fact that the company now allows users to speak entire commands directly in Spanish! Many Hispanic hub owners have spent years using these devices to listen to music, watch videos, control their smart homes, and more in English because there was no other option. So it should be a nice surprise to celebrate the National Hispanic Heritage Month which has just started.

Google also detailed new entertainment options for today’s Spanish-speaking users in its blog post. If you have a Youtube TV subscription, you can stream Univision directly to your Hub from the company’s cable cutter app, and a popular Mexican bingo game called “Lotería” can now be called up in English or French. Spanish saying ‘Hey Google, habla con Loteria Don Clemente’. It’s a fun, fully recorded game show, complete with sound effects, music and even an animator!


Call up recipes, add items to your shopping list, check your Nest Hello doorbell to see if there’s a package outside, or even call everyone at the table saying “Hey Google, anuncia es hora de cenar ‘to spread the delicious food to everyone can probably already smell will now be easier and more inclusive than ever thanks to Google’s efforts this month. All of this, with the exception of the display text in Spanish, will also work on the Nest Mini because, of course, it doesn’t have a display, of course. Let me know below in the comments if you’ll be using that language or what other languages ​​you’re hoping to get full support on. Nest devices next!

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