Musikind director launches new app for residents with dementia

A music therapist is launching a new app this year to help more people with dementia, “reducing feelings of isolation and providing more stimulation through song.”

Two years later, Arash adds the finishing touches to his new app “Our Song”, designed for people with dementia outside of a nursing home.

Arash’s latest project gives residents an interactive experience with music, where they can record their own versions of songs to send to friends and family.

The Wiltshire-based therapist received £ 25,000 from Innovate UK to set up the new app from scratch, which he says has been difficult, but he is happy with the outcome.

“So many people have suffered from isolation at home during the pandemic, and there are big issues about it, as well as not receiving that stimulation, and their caregivers are feeling exhausted,” Arash said.

“There were a lot of challenges and that’s why we want to help and focus on that in particular.

“[Our Song] focuses on recording your own versions of songs and sharing them with family and friends. It’s beautiful and clear, people can record their own songs on a backing track and send them to their loved ones.

“The recipient can also sing and do a duet, he doesn’t even have to leave the house.”

Speaking about the fundraising and creation process, Arash said, “I feel quite humble and it’s a privilege, I just want to do the project the best we can.

“We have to get it right and make sure it helps reduce feelings of isolation and provides more stimulation through the song.

“We’re pretty focused on the user approach during development, and that will allow us to get some feedback along the way.”

Speaking about his first app, Arash said, “We launched Musikind in early 2020 and we predicted slow growth focusing on the community, but when the pandemic started there was a lot more difficulty.

“Nursing homes in particular have so many new things to think about, and what we found is that staff and residents did not have the time or energy to learn the application.

“We launched the app in development with nursing homes that were already using it, did free trials in the window after the first lock, and we refined the app and incorporated new features based on feedback. ”

This app is currently in use in around five nursing homes, and Arash said it has received “significant feedback.”

In 2018, the therapist turned down four offers at the Salisbury Young Chamber’s inaugural Dragons’ Den event, to start the business on his own.

Referring to Our Song in particular, Arash added, “If anyone wants to get involved in the comments over the next few months, we want as much feedback as possible, either from those affected or from those who are involved. support us. ”

Visit the Musikind website for more information.

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