Musical Elden Ring Player beats Margit using a harp as a controller

A skilled Elden Ring player has defeated Margit the Fell Omen using a harp, proving both her fighting prowess and her skill with the ropes.

A musical talent Ring of Elden The player recently defeated Margit the Fell Omen using a harp instead of a controller. FromSoftware’s epic open-world epic pits players against a variety of challenges, ranging from ruthless boss encounters to terrifying enemies from around the world. While the harp bows Ring of Elden is a powerful archery weapon, a player completes the game using a totally different type of harp.

Elden Ring and the Lands Between are filled with terrifying bosses, but Margit the Fell Omen presents itself to many players as a brutal challenge. Set relatively early in the fantasy epic, Margit prevents players from accessing Stormveil Castle and reaching the rest of the game’s massive map. The Fell Omen strikes hard and fast, and tactical attack delays make many new Ring of Elden players dodge straight into a punishing blow. While Margit is meant to teach players the ropes and motivate them to explore Limgrave before facing her, some players actually dominated Margit’s first boss fight by Ring of Elden with speed, skill and determination.


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In an impressive display of musical and gaming skills, Reddit user Lettuce4Dayz defeated Margit using a harp instead of a controller. The innovative player would have connected each chain to a specific controller input, allowing them to randomly control their Tarnished Warrior. Rolling, attacking, healing, stopping, and more are all tied to notes, turning the boss fight with Margit into an impromptu harp song. For example, a streak of three dodges and one attack results in three A notes and a G. With the Fell Omen defeated, Lettuce4Dayz’ musical journey should now take them to the vast fortress of Stormveil for another combative composition.

While the Lettuce4Dayz Harp Controller is a truly unique sight, other Ring of Elden gamers have used weird input devices in the past. For example, a Ring of Elden The Banana Controller was used to beat Godrick the Transplant in an impressive display of potassium-rich power. The fascinating device connects several different bananas to a circuit box and links them to a computer using a human interface device, allowing each piece of delicious fruit to function as a single key on a keyboard. By simply tapping on specific bananas at the right time, the Ring of Elden the devotee is able to jump, block, and smash their way through Godrick the Transplant.

Ring of Elden presents players with many interesting challenges, including Margit, but some players inevitably pursue even greater difficulties. By defeating the Fell Omen using a harp, Lettuce4Dayz proved his skills as both a Tarnished Godslayer and a gifted harpist. With Margit out of the way, however, Lettuce4Dayz must now craft a new melody as they venture through Stormveil and confront Godrick.

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Ring of Elden is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Lettuce4Dayz/YouTube

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