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LOS ANGELES, November 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Shinichi Osawa, world-renowned musician, songwriter and producer, best known by his stage name Mondo Grosso, and KLKTN, an organized platform connecting artists with fans, today unveiled “SMPLR”, an NFT audio rod player. The project is part of a series of collectible works of art combining music and visual art. The digital collectibles accompany the new album “Mondo Grosso Official Best” and are available for purchase at

The NFT “SMPLR” audio stem player was developed by engineers at KLKTN as an interactive experience, reminiscent of the sample-based drum machines widely used in the music production era of the 1990s. The first track released on the KLKTN stem player is Mondo Grosso “Everything Needs Love feat. BoA.” Fans can deconstruct and reinterpret the song, gain a deeper understanding of its composition and arrangement, and experience its sounds in a collectable format.

Plus, each sound is associated with a special edition visual artwork. Collecting all of the pieces completes the song and unlocks the full Rod player experience, which has been designed with an emphasis on ease of access, affordability, and fluidity. The launch is also a collectable album cover, as KLKTN brings back the concept of cover notes for a new generation of collectors, merging heritage and innovation.

The initiative allows fans to immerse themselves in that of Shinichi Osawa creative universe at a key moment for the prolific musician: Mondo Grosso 30th anniversary. Since his debut on the international acid jazz scene, Osawa has released six albums as Mondo Grosso, and has composed, arranged, performed and produced hundreds of works as part of his eponymous solo project. His work covers jazz, R&B, new wave, electro house and experimental music, as well as film and television music.

” To celebrate Mondo Grosso 30th anniversary album, I wanted to create a new kind of experience for my fans, and KLKTN was the perfect partner, “said Shinichi osawa. “The experience begins with a best-of album that looks to the future, with remixes, updates, editions and remasters, and continues with a whole world of sounds and visuals that invite you to active interpretation and interaction. “

“We are proud to team up with Shinichi osawa, a pioneering artist of incredible reach, ambition and impact, for the launch of KLKTN’s SMPLR reader, ”said Jeff miyahara, Creative Director of KLKTN. “This is a major milestone not only for our company but also for the industry as a whole: an opportunity to democratize music through NFTs, to unleash a new era of creativity and fandom, and to chart new possibilities for artists from all over the world. “

Most recently, KLKTN collaborated with a global pop star Kimbra, two-time GRAMMY Award winner; Kevin Woo, a Korean-American singer-songwriter; and Miyavi, Japanese rock guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer. Media assets for the KLKTN project with Shinichi osawa are available for download here. New works will continue to be published in the coming weeks exclusively on KLKTN.


KLKTN is an organized NFT platform that connects artists and fans through special experiences. The platform gives fans access to special edition digital art and behind-the-scenes moments of the artists’ creative process. Collaborating with top musicians and artists and powered by blockchain technology, KLKTN brings artist-fan engagement and the best of experiential music culture to the digital world. Artworks are available in limited quantities of authenticated digital products, or NFTs, to be purchased by credit card, with a fixed cost per item. The co-founders of KLKTN are Jeff miyahara, renowned creative director and record producer and songwriter who has produced more than 260 international artists; Fabiano Soriani, chief technology officer and former chief blockchain engineer for Dapper Labs; and Daisuke iwase, chief Executive Officer, Harvard Business School graduate, former young world leader of the World Economic Forum and digital pioneer known for having co-founded Lifenet, a disruptive fintech company, which he brought to the IPO. Built on the Flow blockchain to achieve affordable and eco-friendly coinage, KLKTN leaves more for artists, fans and the planet. For more information, visit

On Mondo Grosso

Mondo Grosso was formed in 1991 in Kyto with Shinichi osawa, a Japanese musician, serving as bassist and conductor. He received great attention and toured Europe as a pioneering acid jazz project. In 1996, Mondo Grosso became a solo project and the stage name of Osawa. The project continued with Osawa collaborating with various guest singers and attracting a growing audience in United States and all over the world. Mondo Grosso the previous album was released in 2017 and reached no. 1 on from Japan Table of iTunes albums; the music video for her first single, “Labyrinth”, has generated over 30 million views. To follow Mondo Grosso to Spotify, Youtube, and Instagram, and go to for more information.

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