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Over the years we have seen many FPS titles push the boundaries of fast action gameplay. One thing I always enjoyed about the DOOM series was not just the gameplay, but the fantastic metal music during play.

I never thought it could compare to DOOM’s fast-paced music and gameplay so far. Metal Hellsinger may have taken the torch as the most metal game I’ve ever played, but does it compare to other FPS titles on the market? Now let’s find out…


In Infernal singer of metalYou play the unknowna demon seeking revenge against the red judge of all hell. As you move through the levels of hell and reunite with your counterpart Paz (spiritual skull that shoots flames from its mouth), you must face heavier challenges while acquiring new weapons for your killer arsenal of demons. The story of this game is shown in small in-game cut scenes as well as illustrated art cutscenes.


I don’t plan on spoiling the main story, but I can say that the game’s story easily drew me in, especially since two of the main characters were voiced by Jennifer Hale and Troy Baker. Having two voice actors of this caliber in Metal Hellsinger just made the story more epic. The story was a hell of a tale, which features a ton of lore and a few twists, but the main highlight of this title is the amazing gameplay and music.

The main point of this game is to match the rhythm with every shot, dash and super attack. At first I thought it was a bit of a challenge, the game is very fast paced so rushing, jumping and shooting, while trying to keep up was a bit too much.


Shortly after starting the game, I found myself quickly taking control and challenging myself to hit every shot perfectly. I’ve always been a big fan of first-person shoots that got somewhat styled around Doom, but Metal Hellsinger stands out without being too similar to the opposing franchise. What is so similar between these two franchises is the heavy metal setting and music, what makes Metal Hellsinger different is its beat-based gameplay.

It’s not just about shooting enemies, timing your dash, reloading and shooting in time will help fill up the Fury meter. You can even increase your score by doing combos, hitting consecutive headshots, triple shots, and firing Chaos Crystals that damage all nearby targets, but your Fury meter is what changes the music from. an instrumental performance to a full vocal performance. Being on pace, in general, is good, but being perfect gives you the most Fury points for your meter. The counter starts at x1 and goes to x16, once you hit x16 that’s when the real fun begins.

Once you hit x16 on your Fury meter, that’s when you start hearing the voices of people like Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Matt Heafy (Trivium), Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquility), Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Tatiana Shmailyuk (Jinjer), and let’s not forget Music Composers Two Feathers. Each level’s enemy layout and level scheme seems to be themed around each song in this amazing soundtrack. I can say that I listened to Serj Tankian and Two Feathers’ “Not tomorrow” at least 30 times in the last week and this is now my new hype song!


I can honestly say that I have never played a game like Metal Hellsinger before, this game not only comes to you with fast paced gameplay and wild demonic enemies but also one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard in a video game. The music itself tells a story of revenge, betrayal and revenge. As I played you could start getting what the development team wanted this game to be, a beautifully demonic orchestra of gameplay that went perfectly with its soundtrack.

Every song that plays during gameplay is completely original and owned by The Outsider’s development team, which means they’ve done everything to make sure this epic music can be enjoyed by everyone, even if you’re streaming! To have bands like Lamb of God, System of a Down, Arch Enemy and many more united on one album, for a video game, really shows how far The Outsiders development team wanted to go with the infusion of story, gameplay and music.


Now that I’m halfway through my review, we can talk about the awesome weapons and challenges you can take part in. Paz is one of the weapons I’ve used to keep my Fury meter at full capacity no matter if you’re shooting enemies. , or just the wall, as long as you keep up the pace your fury meter will stay full using Paz. but some of the other weapons and their ultimates help you along the way.

The Unknown Blade, Terminus, helps slice through armored enemies and puppet-like characters. Hounds (dual-wielding pistols) have a spirit version of yourself as an ultimate, and Persephone (shotgun) with a powerful blast that triples damage as an ultimate. These are the main weapons I used during the game, but there are others to choose from.

You also acquire the Vulcan (explosive bolts) and Hellcrow (dual wielding knives). While both of these weapons are cool, I felt like I had the best accuracy and beat match with Persephone and The Hounds.


Using these weapons against the hordes of hell is hella fun and I found myself slowly transitioning into a full headbanging move as the game progressed. Each perfect shot made me mentally dive deeper into this game and this universe, with such smooth and fast-paced gameplay sending those demons back to the corners of hell they came from has become second nature.

Honestly, I was shocked at how well I was getting in the game, I’m not the biggest challenge seeker. Once I’ve played a level, I usually move on, but the weapon system, combat, gameplay, and music called me into my dreams! I wanted to unlock everything I could in this game, the good thing is that there is a challenge mode that allows you to unlock Sigils. These Sigils give you gameplay bonuses like faster hit sequences, critical health damage bonuses, and more!

It not only took me through levels I had already played, but actually spurred me on to push for a higher overall score (held the top spot for a few days) and made the replayability much higher than I didn’t think so originally. When you complete each level you also unlock a music player mode, this mode lets you listen to all the tracks in the game with badass covers for each son, so be sure to play through each level!


Finally, the graphical presentation of this game was also excellent. The large-scale levels and backgrounds are visually stunning and make you feel like you’re right in the middle of hell. The fact that this studio (The foreigners) only worked on one other title, DarkBornwhich finally stopped developing after four years of work on the title, is quite amazing.

Every facet of this game screams AAA title, the fact that it was developed by a group of 30 developers and only costs $39.99 is something we should all applaud. The only thing I wish this game had was a find or kill mode. The game is so fast-paced that as you progress through the levels, you only see so much of the majesty of this world the development team has built.

I wish there was a mode that blasts the music created for this title, while you rip through all the enemies, with no score to count. For me, it would give me a bit more time to go through each level and watch the amazing work this team has done on their environmental graphics and presentation.



Metal Hellsinger left me in shock and awe, everything about this game bleeds metal fantasy and slammed its way into a seat of Game of the Year contender. From the fast-paced gameplay to the comic-book-like story and of course the jaw-dropping in-game music, this is a must buy, stop what you’re doing and play the title! I can’t wait to see what’s next for this game, but until then, it’s time for me to stop typing and start playing Metal Hellsinger again!

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