“Life is a competitive sport”

Rick Ross has been a hardworking rapper for over a decade. The Miami-born MC has expanded his empire far beyond the music world and has become a business mogul on every level. But even now, with multiple businesses, Ross keeps with him the lessons he learned as a teenager doing odd jobs.

Rick Ross | Joseph Okpako / WireImage

Rick Ross used to wash cars as a teenager

When Ross looks back on the early days of work, he fondly remembers washing cars for the residents of his Miami neighborhood as a child. He spoke about the experience at the Revolt summit in December 2021, saying he went the extra mile to make customers happy.

“My very first [hustle]… Well, I always go back to the car wash, ”he said. “I was 13, making $ 30 a day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

His specialty was washing and detailing people’s cars while they were busy doing other errands. He even earned a nickname as a result.

“I’ll wash your car while you go to the flea market.” They go through Bally’s, they go through Clarks, whatever they do. Damn, I’ll put gas in your shit, I’ll organize your cassette deck, whatever. I got you.”

“They called me Heavy Silicone,” he smirked.

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Rick Ross learned lessons as he got older

Car washing taught Ross some important lessons that he carries with him to this day. He reflected on what he learned during an appearance on The truth.

“I discovered that life is a competitive sport,” he said honestly of the time. “You have to find a way to take advantage of it, but it’s a competitive sport.

“I was behind the car wash waiting for the scammers to come in with their music blaring,” he continued. “I’ve let them know I’ll put gas in your car, organize your tape recorder, whatever you need for that extra five dollars.” Rozay wanted this tip.

Her biggest piece of advice to anyone looking to make money is that there is always more money to be made. “You have to take advantage of your time,” he insisted. “Multiply your exit. This is what being a boss is: multiplying your performance.

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Rick Ross’s business empire today

Rick Ross made a name for himself in the music industry in the 2000s and continued to work hard into the 2010s. In 2009 he founded his label Maybach Music Group. Over the years, the label has boasted of Meek Mill, Wale and French Montana on their list.

Ross has also left his mark as a food entrepreneur. It has over 20 different Wingstop franchises as well as Checkers stores. In 2021, he gifted one of his Wingstop pitches to his son for his 16e birthday. For Ross, this is just one of his many sources of income over which he rules today.

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