Launching Loud Market Music NFT on February 28

On February 28, users will be able to buy and sell music NFTs on Loud Market.

The Loud Market team is pleased to announce its NFT Marketplace, scheduled to launch on February 28, 2022. Loud Market’s Music NFT Marketplace development is officially complete and ready to go live on Binance Smart Chain.

The Loud Market team aims to make it a revolutionary NFT market, with the aim of redefining the way musicians interact with the music industry.

About the noisy market

Loud Market is a new NFT marketplace for minting, buying and selling music NFTs. Musicians will be able to quickly and easily create NFTs and sell them directly to their fans.

Loud Market is designed to empower artists by allowing them to easily sell their work directly to fans by converting music into liquid, tradable assets.

Currently, more than 400 musicians have registered to publish works on Loud Market, with several dozen applications arriving daily.

Market Key Features:

? No fees for musicians
? Optional royalties
? Fiat gateway and payments
? Single and Batch NFTs
? Price tracking charts for all previous NFT sales

No fees for musicians

Musicians will be able to sell their music as NFT with 0% fees on any listings or sales. This bold response to today’s music industry will allow musicians to take full control of their music sales, without having to sacrifice any of their income.

Additionally, musicians will be able to add a chosen “royalty fee” to their NFTs, guaranteeing them the chosen percentage of all secondary NFT sales. This not only helps to generate better income, but also to the potential of the musicians, and gives them a continuous participation in their NFT Loud Market.

Visa and Mastercard payments

The Loud Market team has also authorized all Visa and Mastercard payments for their $LOUD token. The goal of this revolutionary feature integrated directly into the market will be to facilitate the Loud Market and the $LOUD token among non-encrypted music communities.

A strong market that is reshaping the industry

Loud Market aims to completely restructure the way musicians profit from their work by removing the complicated process associated with streaming and all unnecessary middlemen. On Loud Market, musicians can sell their music directly to their fans as collectibles and tradeable.

By structuring the music industry through decentralized NFT technology, Loud Market allows musicians to take back control of their music and regain the level of autonomy that once existed with physical sales.

With this in mind, musicians can keep 100% of their sale price, as Loud Market takes 0% fees on all market transactions. Loud Market isn’t your standard NFT streaming platform, it’s a property-based marketplace where musicians and fans can interact seamlessly.

Benefits for artists

Artists can choose a specific royalty percentage which is then incorporated into the NFT smart contract. All future sales of this NFT will “return” the chosen percentage of the sale price to the original creator.

On February 28, users will be able to buy and sell music NFTs on Loud Market.


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