Kerala Plus One Grading System – How to Convert Grades to Grades in Kerala Upper Secondary Education?

The Directorate of Upper Secondary Education (DHSE) today published the Kerala Plus One result on its official websites and About 4 lakh students had taken the offline class 11 exams. The exams were held from September 24 to October 15, 2021. Shortly after the results were announced, applicants and tutors appear to be looking for the grading system and how we can convert grades into grades.

DHSE has adopted a nine point scoring system which is used to determine the scores of candidates based on their scores. Using the combined scores of candidates for the first and second years of upper secondary examinations, this scoring system will then be used to assess the candidates’ scores. Take a look at the rating system image below.

According to the scoring system, students with a score between 180 and 200 will receive an A + score and those with a score between 160 and 179 will receive an A score. Next come 140 to 159 (B +), 120 to 139 (B) , 100 to 119 (C +), 80 to 99 (C), 60 to 79 (D +) and 40 to 59 (D). Scores below 40 will be given an E grade. Applicants must achieve a D + grade in all subjects to be eligible for promotion to higher education. Please note that eligibility for tertiary students is based on the grades obtained after combining the upper secondary first and second year exams.

The distribution of marks for the first and second years of upper secondary examinations is somewhat different. The subjects without practical work will have a total of 100 points in the first and second years. The music has 60 notes in the first year but 140 in the second year. Likewise, Biology has 80 grades in the first year and 120 in the second year. Finally, the subjects which accompany the practical work will have 80 marks in the first year and 120 marks in the second year. The duration for the four categories in the two years remains the same. However, each subject will have a total of 200 points combining the first and second year exams.

In addition, grace notes will also be awarded to the winners of the state-level upper secondary school youth festival. Holders of grade A will get 5% of the overall score while holders of grade B will get 4% of the overall score. Likewise, holders of grade C will obtain 3% of the overall mark. Details regarding the allocation of marks are mentioned in the official notification.

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