Apple today removed the iPod touch product page from its website in all remaining countries where the page was still available, such as the US, UK and Australia, marking a final farewell to the portable music player.

Apple announced it was discontinuing the iPod touch in early May, and the device is now completely unavailable to order from its online store nearly a month later. You may still be able to find the iPod touch at select Apple Authorized Resellers while supplies last, but inventory is likely very limited at this point.

Apple’s recently announced iOS 16 software update is not compatible with any iPod touch model, according to Apple’s website.

First introduced in October 2001, the iPod was one of Apple’s most iconic products, but the discontinuation of the device has become inevitable over time given the wide range of Apple products that can now play music including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod mini and Suite. The latest seventh generation iPod touch model was introduced in May 2019.

“The spirit of the iPod lives on,” Apple marketing chief Greg Joswiak said last month.

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