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COVID-19 has had a substantial impact on the entertainment and media industry, businesses in the sector like cinemas, live music, casinos and many more have been affected.

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Because so many people turn to music for emotional support and comfort in these trying times, any negative influence on listening to music has been limited. However, there has been a negative impact on many revenue streams, some artists have been affected by the cancellation or postponement of most live music events.

How is the performing arts evolving?

Performing arts is one aspect of the music industry that has had to adapt. Despite the fact that the UK vaccination program is ongoing, there are no specific plans for the return of live music concerts anytime soon. It’s something some musicians have come to terms with, and they come up with new ways to collaborate on music and entertain their audience.

The evolution of platforms

Music sharing and streaming platforms are also transforming the music industry. They are used by musicians to give virtual concerts, raise funds and promote new releases. Spotify, for example, has a feature that allows musicians to raise funds through their accounts. Other notable platforms used by musicians include:

Soundcloud Go – This service allows users to access over 140 million songs. It allows musicians to monetize their work by paying them for each stream or every 1000 views.

Mixcloud – Mixcloud is the best platform for DJs to share new mixes with their listeners. When their music is used in mixes, artists are rewarded.

Band Camp – This site allows musicians to sell their music directly to their fans, while fans can buy from their favorite artists.

Using the power of promotion

There were already great outlets for artists and DJs to market their work before the pandemic. COVID-19 accelerated the transformation of the music industry that had already begun. Here are some examples of notable promotions that musicians can use:

Promoting Live Albums on Instagram – While some musicians have delayed the release of new albums, others are promoting their work using Instagram Live. To keep their fans up to date, they are giving out track previews.

Video game concerts – You can also organize events in collaboration with video game developers. Astronomical in Fortnite, one of the most popular online events, was hosted by Travis Scott in collaboration with Epic Games.

TikTok Challenge – Artists like Drake and Justin Bieber use TikTok to promote their new music and host dance challenges, resulting in some of the platform’s most popular hashtags.

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