Here are some of the best music streaming apps in Kenya


There is no doubt that the future of music is streaming. In fact, many would say it is already too late to use physical copies or even download music from unverified sources. To be fair, music streaming apps are gradually making their way into various markets across the world and even adjusting their prices for different audiences.

We’ve seen it even in Kenya, where international streaming apps are slashing prices in an attempt to attract as many users as possible. So what are these apps that you can trust to meet your everyday audiophile needs?

BoomPlay Music

Formerly known as Boom Player, BoomPlay Music currently has over 75 million monthly users, making it one of the fastest growing music streaming apps in Africa. It is perhaps also thanks to the partnership that the application has had with TECNO to have it as the default application on the company’s devices. But you also have to give it to the company for the impressive growth rate that comes with some of the app’s favorable features.

This includes affordable subscription plans, flexible payment options, and other features. Subscription for access to content can be done daily, weekly or monthly with payment options using mobile money, PAGA, debit cards and even airtime. Users can also purchase coins which are used for in-app purchases; these parts are transferable from one user to another.

Besides streaming music, users can also purchase albums and download them for offline playback. The app is currently available for web and Android users on the Google Play Store.


Deezer has seen quiet growth in markets around the world and is now one of Apple Music‘s biggest rivals, especially in the Kenyan market.

With over 56 million tracks, you can rest assured that you won’t miss out on the latest albums and EPs. The app has gained ground following its free trial offers. After the trial, users have to pay KES 330 per month, a price that has recently been lowered for the Kenyan market.

The France-based streaming service also offers a family plan which costs $ 4.49 (KES 490) and Deezer HiFi which offers 16-bit FLAC quality tracks for $ 4.49 per month. There is also an annual plan which costs $ 29.90 (3,270 KES) per year.

The app is available for free on the web, Android as well as iOS.

Apple Music

There is no doubt that Apple Music is the leader of this list. But the company has also surprisingly tried to expand its presence in the Kenyan market and that is for all of us. This became clearer with adjustments to its prices in order to reach as many users as possible.

The service offers over 60 million soundtracks with timely updates of new albums and singles. Having tracks offline is also an option for your daily commuting needs.

The algorithm of the application also helps to compile a list of your favorite tracks based on what you listen to frequently. Fortunately, the list is automatically updated on a weekly basis.

In addition, the prices per month reflect as follows:

  1. Individuals now pay KES 319.17
  2. Family package, with up to six members, = costs 532.66 KES
  3. University students in Kenya now pay 159.05 KES

The app is available on all platforms including PC, Android and iOS.


When it comes to apps with the best algorithms, there is no doubt that Spotify offers the best of the rest. From daily mixes to custom playlists and editor’s picks, you’re guaranteed to have hundreds, if not thousands of tracks to groove on daily. This ensures that your listening experience doesn’t get too boring with new offerings every day. Let’s not forget that the platform offers its podcast service as part of the package.

Fortunately, the app is now officially available in Kenya at rates that would be considered competitive enough against its biggest rival, Apple Music.

  • Individual Plan: Ksh 299
  • Spotify offers a Duo plan for couples that costs KES 389 for two accounts.
  • It also has a family plan which costs KES 479 allowing up to 6 accounts
  • The student plan costs 149 KES and only allows one account. This is a special discount for eligible college students and even offers prepaid options.


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