Gwevedzi celebrates 6 years in the music industry


GWEVEDZI is a Shona name given to a suitor’s friend/messenger during courtship.

This person plays a major role in courtship because suitors are traditionally not expected to approach women directly.

The group therefore named themselves Gwevedzi because they believe they are a bridge between young and old generations and most of their songs are centered on love.

The Afro-Acoustic trio said their six years of working together have led them to understand each other by learning each other’s preferences and honing each other’s skills.

Comprised of three talented men Tinashe William Masangadza, Wilfred Nikisi and Nyasha Murada, Gwevedzi is a musical group that strives to create a new generational sound that appeals to old and young alike by hybridizing the local African sound with the European sound by combining the guitar, mbira and percussion.

Talk to NewsDay Life & Style, Masangadza, who is the representative of the group, said, “Our group took root in 2016 and since then it has been working like a family. We realized that as an individual there are some things you can’t achieve, but if you work with someone, you can easily achieve it.

“When we work together, we must appreciate every effort that either of us puts in that alone has allowed us to stay together and strengthen our bond. We are no longer just a band but brothers and we urge other bands to learn to understand each other as this results in a long and solid relationship in the industry.

Currently, the band is working on their third album, featuring 12 tracks, and among the 12, two are international collaborations with Barbora Xu from the Czech Republic on one track. Tirivamwe and Marilia Zangirandi from Brazil on a track titled A song.

Their first album Tsambo released in 2018 includes songs like Vhunze and Dondo Vanoronga which are used as background soundtrack for the local theater Vhunze shown on ZBCTV.

The song was nominated as Best Soundtrack at the 2020 African Movie Academy Awards in Nigeria.

To budding bands, Masangadza said, “Let’s be ourselves, don’t make music because others are doing it, rather let’s enjoy the process of growing up and also know that when we make music, it doesn’t get any better.” it’s not just about making people dance, we are the voice of our community, healing them, giving them hope and educating them. Experience is the best teacher, let’s be consistent in everything we do, the results will come.

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