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Taeyeon continues to prove her influence in the music industry as she tops the Female Singer Brand Reputation Rankings for the month of February 2022!

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is the new No. 1 on February’s singer brand reputation ranking.

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Based on brand reputation rankings recently released by the Korean Research Business Institute, Taeyeon is the top performer this month, followed by trotting singer Lim Young Woong, BTS, IU, and BLACKPINK.

The rankings have been carefully measured through an analysis of the consumer engagement, media exposure, social media communication and community awareness value indices using big data collected from January 26 to February 25, 2022. The institute collected a total of 119,387,722 data , a decrease of 23.96% compared to January 2022.

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The No. 1 spot for February’s singer brand reputation goes to Girls’ Generation’s leader and lead singer Taeyeon. The stunning singer had received a total Brand Reputation Index of 6,519,719, an impressive increase of 247.34% from the 1,877,067 recorded in January 2022.

The Voice Queen demonstrated her impeccable global presence by having an Attendance Index of 1,284,256, a Media Index of 1,536,161, a Communication Index of 1,681,833, and a Community Awareness Index of 2,017,469.

Second place went to Lim Young Woong, earning a total Brand Reputation Index of 6,505,409. Although down 48.02% from his Brand Index in January 2022, this score still put the trotting singer in a close fight with Taeyeon.

BTS received a total brand reputation index of 6,284,744, which puts the group in third place. Followed by IU in fourth place with a total brand reputation index of 5,500,756, and BLACKPINK in fifth place with a total brand reputation index of 4,173,446.

Demonstrating their popularity, artists Kang Daniel, Lee Chan Won, BE’O, aespa, and Jeong Dong Won placed sixth through tenth respectively.

Check out the other artists who topped this month’s Top 30 list:


#12 Song Ga In

#13 Jang Min Ho

#14 Chang Geun Park

#15 Lee Seung Gi

#16 WINNER Song Mino

#17 Young Tak



#20 I want one


#22 Lee Solomon

#23 Red Velvet

#24 deis_9

#25 STAY

#26 NCT

#27 Lee Seung Yoon

#28 Lee Mujin

#29 Kim Hee Jae

#30 EXO

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