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A Plex Pass subscription unlocks tons of perks, including access to Plex Labs apps and offline streaming. Customers usually have to pay $5 just to try the Plex Pass service, but for a limited time you can get one month of free Plex Pass with coupon code LANDING.

To redeem your month of Plex Pass, simply log into your free Plex account and visit the Plex Pass Purchase Page. Then submit the promo code at checkout. (You do must share your payment information with Plex to take advantage of this offer.)

Here are some of the benefits included with Plex Pass:

  • Offline broadcast: Record movies, shows and music for offline streaming on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.
  • DVR recording: Connect a TV tuner and digital antenna to your Plex server to unlock free OTA shows. Then record them with the Unlimited DVR.
  • Plex Labs: Some Plex Labs projects, including mobile music player Plexamp and server management tool Plex Dash, are Plex Pass exclusives.
  • Hardware transcoding: Compatible Plex media servers may use hardware acceleration for transcoding, which may make some files more reliable. (Ideally, your Plex files should be in a format that avoids transcoding. But that’s a nice Plex Pass perk.)
  • Early Access: Get new features before everyone else with Plex Pass. Plus, enjoy preview builds of future Plex updates.
  • .. and more!

For the full list of Plex Pass benefits, see company information detailed accompanying document.

Keep in mind this promotional code LANDING may not work if you have used Plex Pass promotions in the past. Also, this promo code won’t do anything for current Plex subscribers (especially those with a lifetime Plex Pass subscription – sorry, I’m trying to be funny).

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