Gensou Shoujo Wars: Dream of the Stray Dreamer for Switch will be released on March 31 in Japan

Touhou Project Strategy RPG Gensou Shoujo Wars: Dream of the Lost Dreamer will launch for Switch via Nintendo Online Store on March 31 for 4,950 yen, publisher Phoenixx and developer Sanbondo announcement.

Here’s a preview of the game, via


Gensou Shoujo Wars: Dream of the Lost Dreamer is a strategy RPG where the objective is to clear each stage with different unique party members.

A large number of characters will come together and face the strange events that occur in Gensokyo, a world inhabited by humans, yokai and gods.

Main characteristics

  • An orthodox strategy RPGGensou Shoujo Wars: Dream of the Lost Dreamer is a strategy RPG where you move your party members around the map and attack enemies to defeat them. Defeat all enemies on the map to clear the stage and unlock the next stage. There are also difficulty options and a tutorial, so even players new to strategy RPGs needn’t worry.
  • A multitude of battle animations – When a battle with an enemy starts, you can enjoy different battle animations for each weapon. From cutting, shooting and punching actions to special moves that use “Spell Cards”. Enjoy each character’s role in the beautiful world of Gensokyo.
  • Over 70 playable characters and a wealth of development – There are more than 70 playable characters in Gensou Shoujo Wars: Dream of the Lost Dreamer! During the “Intermission” break of each stage, you can freely customize your skills and gear. Each character also has “unique skills” unique to them, allowing for a wide variety of strategies. Whether you’re going all out with your favorite characters or looking for the best combination of strong characters, how you play the game is up to you!
  • A story intertwined with various Touhou Project works – The shrine maiden Reimu or the magician Marisa are the two protagonists of the game, and parts of the story will change depending on who you choose. History is also intertwined with various Touhou Project works, allowing you to enjoy a great story that interprets and reconstructs each work.
  • Gallery and background music player – There are more ways to enjoy Gensou Shoujo Wars: Dream of the Lost Dreamer than the game alone. There is also a character encyclopedia and glossary that explains the world of Touhou Project, and a music player with over 200 songs, allowing players to dive deeper into the setting. This is highly recommended for new players Touhou Project.

Watch a new trailer below. See a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

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