Former T-ara Member Soyeon Announces Marriage To Footballer Cho Yu Min

Former T-ara member Soyeon is getting married soon!

On January 18, it was announced that she would marry footballer Cho Yu Min this year. Cho Yu Min is nine years younger than Soyeon.

Her agency Think Entertainment stated, “Soyeon and Cho Yu Min are getting married in November after three years of dating.” The wedding will take place at the end of the current Cho Yu Min season.

On the same day, Soyeon shared the following letter:

Hello, this is Soyeon.

I wrote a letter to personally to inform my fans about the news that first came out through news reports.

In July 2009, I met my fans for the first time, and for 12 years I always felt grateful to everyone and sorry at the same time.

And today is the day I can tell everyone I’m getting married.

From my debut until now, I have always been concerned with showing good sides of myself, so this change is unfamiliar to me and exciting.

I have decided to spend the rest of my life with someone I am grateful to who always supports and believes in the artist Soyeon and the person Park Soyeon, encourages me so that I can face challenges without giving up every times when I am tired, and make a sincere effort towards my beloved parents.

As a more mature and stable person in the future, I will try to reward my fans with better music and various activities. I will be a Soyeon who is always with the fans.

Please give us lots of blessings and support. Thank you.

After promoting with T-ara for eight years, Soyeon left the group in 2017, following the expiration of her contract with MBK Entertainment.

Congratulations to the lovely couple!

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