Find love through the power of music: a new dating app for music lovers

POM is an innovative new dating app that strives to match users based on their musical tastes.

POM focuses on the “power of music” and the connection between music and meaningful romantic relationships. POM has emerged at a perfect time as the UK slowly emerges from lockdown and summer festivals have ignited the passion for music for many young people. Looking forward to hearing live music again, POM is a perfect app to use when trying to find musically compatible matches at festivals, bars and nightclubs. Suppose you match someone who likes your favorite band; this provides an excellent framework with which individuals can bond and find their perfect match.

POM has emerged at a perfect time as UK slowly emerges from lockdown

POM was created by future entrepreneurs Vihan Patel and Vladimir Ignatyev, who met at school. In college, Vihan noticed the power that music has to influence and shape everyone into who they are, and most importantly, who we want to come out of. Vihan said music is a vehicle “for understanding emotions” and for “understanding others and, of course, potential partners.”

Vihan’s transformative idea transcends all stereotypes in the culture of sex that other dating apps cannot escape. Music is an inherent attribute of every person, and POM focuses on deeper, authentic connections to provide better matches. To do this, users connect their music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to their profile. The POM algorithm will then analyze not only musical compatibility but also psychological compatibility. This in-depth analysis will determine a kind of emotional profile for the user based on their music. For example, a user who listens to Rap versus one who listens to Jazz might have different emotional compatibilities.

POM can indeed conquer the dating world with its trendy layout and devotion to connecting individuals to the magic of music.

The response to the application demonstrates the success of this approach. POM has recouped £ 1.5million in a pre-launch investment, and POM has pledged to pay for the first 1,500 dates of matches made on POM. Simply download the application from the waiting list.

POM can indeed conquer the dating world with its trendy layout and devotion to connecting people to the magic of music. We would love to see the app flourish to its full potential!

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