Everything Sam can do in his private room in Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a weird game, but that’s why its fans love it. Most of the time, you are getting ready or walking through a ruined and unrecognizable United States of America.

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However, sometimes Sam Porter Bridges has to unload in his private quarters. True to the level of interactivity found in most of Hideo Kojima’s games, there is plenty to do in the small room where Sam sleeps, including accessing a few Easter eggs. The following guide describes everything there is to see while Sam is resting in his room, so be sure to take advantage of it on your next visit.

Sam’s room

Upon entering Sam’s private room, you can look around with the correct analog stick. To activate the various interaction bits, you must focus the camera on them and press the button displayed on the screen.

Starting from behind Sam and continuing around the room, the following activities are available:

Sam’s secret poses

death failing sam looking at the player

Before looking around the room, try zooming in on Sam’s crotch by clicking the right analog stick. He protects him with his hands. Do it enough times and it ends up hitting the camera.

Zoom in on him from any other angle for different poses

Use the numbers to access parts of the game

death stranding figures

There are many in this section. By activating Nightmares and Memories, you can replay certain sections of the game, such as stealth sections set in different historical wars.

You can also fight different bosses, watch cutscenes starring Cliff, and participate in Ranked Nightmares.

Using the mirror

Sam looks at himself in the mirror

On the right you can use the sink. You can take a closer look with the right analog stick and even take a picture from the perspective of the mirror.

Depending on which direction you press the stick, Sam will do anything from washing his face to sticking his tongue out.

Get rewarded for using the shower

Sam takes a shower

In the shower you can do several things besides washing Sam. There is a bathroom inside that you can use for number one or number two.

All of these functions provide EX Grenades, which are useful in defending against BTs.

Take a fragile leap

fragile jump death stranding

The umbrella next to the shower is used for fragile jumps, the closest thing to Death Stranding for fast travel.

However, you can’t use it as a shortcut to make deliveries easier, as only Sam is carried and all of his stuff remains behind.

Access the equipment wall

equipment wall

On the wall across from Sam is all of his gear and Lou is sleeping. You can zoom in on all weapons and take a close look at them with a description. Then you can watch a sleeping Lou.

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Press Square to appease Lou and Sam will interact with the baby. Focus on Sam’s costume to change the color scheme of his gear and let him put on a hat. The same can be done with the backpack.

Activate the terminal to listen to music

dead stranding sitting

On the map on the left, you can access the terminal. It’s similar to the pause menu but with a few more options, including a music player to listen to the tracks you’ve acquired so far.

Use the table

dead stranding painting

On the table, you can put on a hat or sunglasses, drink an energy drink (which is no longer Monster on the PS5 Director’s Cut), eat a Cryptobiota, or put on sunglasses.

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