Cabrillo College to Open Spring Term Online

APTOS – Citing an increase in the number of cases due to the omicron variant COVID-19, Cabrillo College President Matthew Wetstein announced that the college will be moving most of its courses online until February 22.

Wetstein made the announcement in an email to students and staff on Friday morning.

Matthieu wetstein

The first day of Cabrillo of the spring semester is scheduled to begin on January 24. The college has been on winter vacation since the end of the fall semester on December 11. Wetstein said in the email that the decision was finalized by the college’s emergency operations committee on Thursday.

But up to 15% of the Spring semester’s Cabrillo classes will still meet face-to-face, according to Wetstein. The college is in the process of identifying classes that are difficult to convert.

“Please be aware that the decision to go largely remotely is an important decision that has been discussed at length with faculty and staff leaders and is being taken in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to our students and employees,” wrote the college president. in his email to students and staff.

Terrence Willett, dean of research, planning and institutional effectiveness at Cabrillo, identified that classes such as health professions, studio arts, music and drama classes, and welding would be in the “hard to convert” classification. Willett said he hopes the class list will be finalized by next week and released for students.

“The Omicron variant and the current spike in cases, positivity rates and planned hospitalizations for Santa Cruz County were the main factors in the decision,” Willett told The Sentinel.

UC Santa Cruz announced this week he postponed to January 31 the date of the scheduled start of face-to-face lessons. UCSC’s initial return date to return to in-person classes was January 15. UCSC Winter Quarter started on January 3.

When Cabrillo returns to in-person learning, the college will use its same health and safety precautions, according to Willett.

“We will continue our vaccines, masking and physical distancing mandates in addition to providing improved HVAC air circulation and filtration, personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, on-site testing and contact tracing services, ”said Willett.

Cabrillo earlier this week was forced to cancel performances of “Befana: A Christmas Fable” this weekend due to positive COVID tests among members of the cast and orchestra. “Befana” is a production of the Monterey Chamber Orchestra Ensemble in partnership with the Cabrillo music and theater departments.

The college invites the group to postpone performances later in the spring semester, after February 22.

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